Apostolic move – Getting a ministry out of the Ditch

bmw-m4-crash-ditchApostolic move – Getting a ministry out of the Ditch!

I had a crazy, prophetic, apostolic thing happen this weekend.  I was working on my computer at my dining room table.  Out of the corner of my eye, in the window, I caught movement.  It was a person walking down my driveway, a thin, young lady.  She waved at me, and groaning, thinking she was a solicitor, I went outside. 

She said she worked with the Postal Service, and went to turn around in my neighbors drive, but went off into the ditch, front end first.  She asked if there was anything that we could use to help pull her out.  Well, since I have a pickup, I really didn’t think twice.  I started looking for our tow straps, which I knew were around somewhere.  I searched high and low and couldn’t find them.   I was searching for anything – tow straps, a chain, a rope, ANYTHING – to help this girl pull her car out of the ditch. All I could come up with was jumper cables.

Finally, she suggested the pieces of wood stacked against the side of our carport.  I asked if her car was front wheel drive, since she had gone into the ditch front end first.  She didn’t know.  I said, we’ll put these pieces of wood into the truck, and drive down there to see what we could do.  I told her we would do our best!

So, we did.  I jammed the wood plank under her car wheel, and it didn’t help, her front wheel drive just spun and burned rubber.  I figured out that her car was sitting on the cement, with one tire off in the ditch.  We would have to lift it up off the concrete.  I told her I would do it, I would lift up the front end of her car while she hit the gas.  She gave me a look, but I said, “Hey!  It’s a little tiny car!  We can do this.”  She got in her car, and I called on the angels of the Lord to help me lift the front end of the car up. 

The first time, nothing happened.  The second time, I told her GO, and lifted and pushed.  Lo and behold, the car started moving backward down the driveway.  She got out and came over to hug me.  I told her, this couldn’t have happened without the angels of the Lord.  She said she knew that God had sent his angels to help pull her out of the ditch.

Well, the story doesn’t end there.  As I reflected on this odd chain of events, in particular lifting up the front end of the car to help her get out of the ditch, it occurred to me – this might be a message from God!  I was thinking that He was showing me some apostolic things prophetically, from the gal stuck in a ditch to me lifting up the front end of the car, with angelic assistance, of course. 

An apostolic move, lifting someone’s ministry out of the ditch; and finding no tools in the natural to pull her out.  The only thing I found was jumper cables, to move power from one “battery” to another, spiritually speaking.  Counting on Angels to help, knowing we cannot do it in the natural.  It wasn’t a coincidence that she worked for the Postal Service…don’t prophets always say we are reading somebody’s mail?  And the fact that I had a pickup at the ready…we are always ready to do the Father’s work.  Lastly, using wooden planking under her tires…wood can mean a lot of things, but it is “dead-wood” under her tires.  Tires can be interpreted as her Holy Spirit inflation level, or more accurately, her Holy Spirit containers.  Her tire was spinning, just “spinning her wheels” on this dead wood.  She was going nowhere fast.  It took the Apostle to look at the situation and to fix it, by lifting up her front end, the end that had gone right off into a ditch.  It’s not like she backed into it, and just didn’t see it.  She drove right into it, in plain sight.   

I really felt like God was speaking. What do you think?

Access to the Anointing: The Bride and The Guard

20170428_123516[1]Access to The Anointing: The Bride and The Guard

In prayer recently, I went into a vision.  I saw myself with my head bowed, surrounded by huge angels.  I was so tiny in the center of this circle of enormous angels.  As I watched, I started to grow, and grow, and grow, until I was the same size as them!  I saw myself turn to walk and my footsteps were loud and crashing.  I felt like Gulliver – a giant!  I heard God say to me, “You are bigger than you think you are.”

I am here to tell you now – You are MUCH bigger than you think you are in the spirit realm!  You are a giant among angels.  You have incredible authority and earth shattering power! Remember – it is the anointing that breaks the yoke (Is. 10:27).  You must learn to access your anointing.

I had a vision of a bride’s hand writing on a scroll.  I knew it was a bride because of the long white glove that was hooked over one finger.  I leaned in to see what was on the scroll, and as she furiously penned her words, writing as quickly as she could, the words looked like music notes; yet, somehow I knew they were Hebrew letters!  Suddenly, she stood, and rolled up the scroll.  I could see her in all her beauty in her wedding gown.  She handed the scroll to “The Guard”, and ran out of the room.

The Guard looked like a medieval knight, covered in black armor.  He stood motionless against the wall.  I thought of the guards at Buckingham Palace – nothing moves them!  He stood, as if I wasn’t there – his steely, masked face facing straight in front of him.

I turned to the Lord and asked Him what was on the scroll.

He said, “Access to the Anointing!”

I was in awe! “How do I get what is on the scroll?  How do I get access to the anointing?”

God said, “ASK The Guard!”

Pondering this, I saw myself walk up to The Guard.  I could see the scroll held tightly in his armored fingers, tucked in close to his body.  He was guarding and protecting it.

Cocking my head, I timidly said to The Guard, “Can I access the anointing?”

Nothing happened.  Not sure I had asked the right way, I thought, “Maybe I needed to DECREE it…or DECLARE it…or even COMMAND him to give it to me.”

I opened my mouth, deciding to DECLARE it.  The very second that I did, as soon as I heard, “I D…” come out of my mouth, something happened!  It was as if I went down a chute, or a slide, and I found myself in another dimension!

In this place, I saw the bride twirling, spinning like a top.  I could only see her from above, as if I was looking down at her from the ceiling.  I recognized her crown as she spun quickly in place.  It was silver with a pewter look to it, and there were strips of metal that hung down from it with symbols on them.  As she spun, the centrifugal force made the metal strips lift into the air.  I focused on them, and I caught glimpses of the symbols, but they went by so fast that I could only make out a few.

I saw something that looked like an “M” with an apostrophe next to it, and a daisy-flower icon.  There was also something similar to a triangle.  These icons appeared to be engraved, or embedded, in her crown, and were easily distinguishable; however, she was twirling so quickly that I could only see a few symbols as they sped past.

In searching out these symbols, God showed me these were Hebrew letters.  Initially, I couldn’t find a Hebrew letter that looked like an “M”, but the Spirit of God revealed to me that since I was overhead looking down at her, I was seeing the letter upside down on the crown.  The “M” was actually an upside-down SHIN, which looks like a “W”.  I recognized the apostrophe as a “YOD”, and the triangle was a Dalet.  The only symbol that I could not find was the flower – there are no Hebrew letters that look like a daisy that I found.

Digging deeper, as I followed this Holy Ghost bread-crumb trail, I located “The Flower of Shushan”.  It is tied to the Hebrew language, and to its ‘aleph-bet’.  I cannot get into all the depth of what it means relative to the Hebrew alphabet, because it is deep!  Just one of its meanings, however, is that it appeared on pillars that held up buildings in Shushan – at one time the capital of Babylon.  This is where Esther and King Xerxes lived, in the city of Shushan (Esther 1:2,5; 2:3; 3:15; 9:11).

Once I found this, I was able to interpret the vision and its symbols.  The Hebrew letters and symbols can mean many things, and therefore to him who wishes to dig, much more can be gleaned.  However, here are the symbols, with just one of their many meanings, as the Holy Spirit led:

YUD – Work, A Deed, To Make; also, Constancy (when it appears before another letter, as here)

SHIN – To Consume, or to Destroy, as in FIRE (or teeth)

Flower – Symbol upon Pillars (of society, of governmental authority, in the Babylonian culture)

DALET – Door, Pathway, to Enter; Abide

I received a download from Heaven that the letters and symbols engraved on her crown are “medals of honor” – received through battle, forever engraved on her crown!  Don’t forget:  I only saw these four “medals”.  There were many more that I couldn’t see.

I do not pretend to be a Hebrew scholar.  All that I do is guided by the Holy Spirit.  I believe the Lord was speaking TO His Bride ABOUT His Bride!  This is what I believe He was saying:

It is our JOB (our work, our deed – to make ourselves) to constantly be on fire (or to chew up and spit out, to destroy) and consume anything that is attached to the PILLARS (of faith in our lives and in our realms of authority); to stay on the path in order to enter into (through the door) and abide with Him, our Bridegroom, in these quickly accelerating (end) times. 

In order to do that, we need to have ACCESS to the ANOINTING, because it is the anointing that breaks the yoke (Is. 10:27)!  Our Father is teaching us how to access it.  In order to get it from the GUARD, we His Bride, simply must first, BELIEVE, and second, DECLARE that we have it.

Once we grasp how simple this TRUTH truly is, and get past the LIE of the enemy that we are not anointed, the very instant that we open our mouths to start declaring things, we will be immediately transported into another dimension – the spiritual realm, where we are GIANTS AMONG ANGELS — and well able to destroy anything that stands against us!

Now open your mouth!  Declare it!

Edie Bayer




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“Free yourself up to minister in this great move of God! It’s happening now!”

20161025_202508The Lord gave me a most encouraging word, and He is anxious that I share it with you.  It is: “Free yourself up to minister in this great move of God! It’s happening now!”

In prayer this morning, the Lord showed me a front-end loader dumping its bucket of granite into the back of a pickup truck, over and over again.  This is what you have been in training for your entire Life – to carry “The Rock”- JESUS!  It is your “job” to fill up, pour out, and fill up again and again with “The Rock”!  He is the front-end loader, and You are the pickup truck!  Let’s get to work!

The Lord says, “I am coming, but not like you expect.”   

Yesterday morning the Lord gave me two visions of Himself.  In one, He was a Lion, walking across a rocky mountain top.  He had on His crown, red velvet and gold.  We locked gaze periodically as He made His way across the rugged terrain.  I knew that He always knew where I was – I was always in His sight.  In the other, Jesus was on a white horse on a bed of clouds.  He had on His crown and His sash.  His horse was magnificent!  Its long mane caught my attention, as it pawed at the “ground”, first with its left hoof, and then its right.  Jesus’ horse was anxious to move!

The Lord gave me some very specific instructions for myself, but for all of us, He said (my clarification in parenthesis):

“I am giving you wisdom and a roadmap, a strategy.  You have the skills necessary for this (next) great move.  I am tempering your will, and your emotions, to stabilize you throughout (this move).  That is why you have been in emotional upheaval, to teach you balance, and control.”

“I am moving among my people.  Some will be pushed into position (pushed to the front lines).  Some will be thrust, and some will just POP onto the front (lines) as I move.  You move (when) I move and sway among you, and your actual, physical bodies make way for advancement.”

As He spoke, I remembered a movie I saw once.  It was of the Holy Spirit moving through a crowd in South America somewhere.  As He did, He cut a swath, an actual path, through the crowd of people.  Human eyes could not see His form, but their bodies sure moved out of the way for Him!

Your Destiny is Guaranteed!

“My hand will be on you, as I push and sift and sort whoever I will – those who will be forerunners for this great move.  However, you will all be involved!  Maybe not at the very beginning, but you surely will not miss it!”

“You who hear My Voice will all be involved to some degree, at a certain level.  This will be revealed to you ‘as you go’ (see Luke 17:14).”

“Your place has been determined.  Your position has been determined.  Your advancement has been predetermined, and your Destiny is guaranteed, says the Lord God Jehovah (see Romans 8:29-30).”

“For those whom He foreknew [of whom He was aware and loved beforehand], He also destined from the beginning [foreordaining them] to be molded into the image of His Son [and share inwardly His likeness], that He might become the firstborn among many brethren.

And those whom He thus foreordained, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified (acquitted, made righteous, putting them into right standing with Himself). And those whom He justified, He also glorified [raising them to a heavenly dignity and condition or state of being]” (Romans 8:29-30)).

“Every single thing you have ever done, no matter how small or seemingly meaningless, has given you a skill, or honed one you already had, for the great move.  You have been in training.  Some have learned patience, others control.  Some have learned to keep their wits about them, while others learned skills necessary to help others learn what they needed to know.  Some have been used of Me, unbeknownst to them, to help push, shove or sand and mold others into the shape that I desire.”

You are the chosen vessel

 “O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter does? says the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel” (Jeremiah 18:6).

“This is one great “Potter’s Wheel”!   The oil is the anointing that I use to shape the clay, on the outside and the inside of the vessel.  You are the chosen vessel and I have made of you what I will for this current season, for this fragment of time.  Every hardship, every joy, has shaped you into what I desire you to be, inside and out.  You look marvelous in my eyes.”

“I have entrusted you with my greatest treasure – each other.  You are shaping and honing each other by the work of my hands.  Each act you perform (for the Kingdom) has an effect on every person (ripple effect), and for eternity.  Just listen to Me, and you will be in the Book of Acts, just like my beloved Apostles!”

So, if there was any doubt that you are chosen for this move of God, it must be totally gone now!

Be blessed in the Kingdom!

Edie Bayer, www.KingdomPromoters.org



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Don’t be a Dead Fly! Stay Out of the Web

SONY DSCDon’t be a Dead Fly – Stay out of the Web!

Yesterday I walked into a spider web.  Honestly, it happens quite often, because there are lots of spider webs on the farm.  What was unusual is that there were dead flies in this web…lots of them, and the spider, too!  I walked right into it, because I wasn’t paying attention.  I stopped dead in my tracks, looking down at it on my belly.  I watched the spider jettison out of it, dropping down its thin line of webbing and disappear into the grass at my feet.  I was stunned!

Since I am prophetic, EVERYTHING means something to me!  My mind immediately went to dream symbols that I know:  Spiders are lies.  Spider webs are deceit.  Dead flies…well, obviously, that couldn’t be good!  I felt like everything came crashing down on me in just an instant.  I had walked right into it, and not even seen it coming.

I cried, “NO, LORD!  NO!  Don’t let me walk into a trap!  I don’t want to be a dead fly!”  I hurriedly wiped the web off of me, hoping to make the whole episode disappear along with the web, but I just couldn’t shake it.  Later, in my closet, I talked to the Lord about the spider web and the dead flies.  As I repeated  my plaintive bleating about not wanting to walk into a trap, my mind and my whining shifted to a meeting series where I am speaking.

These meetings are on the heels of a very well-known prophetic voice at this same location, only a short time ago.  I started talking to the Lord about this other prophet, and how well known he is.  How can I possibly compare with him, I asked?  How can I possibly do these meetings, Lord?  I can’t do this, God!  I am not this other prophet!

Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, out of my own mouth, “NO! YOU’RE NOT HIM … YOU ARE EDIE BAYER!”  As His voice of encouragement filled me, I recognized the Truth.  I felt myself begin to inflate!  I literally felt my chest start to puff out, and I found myself standing straight up in my closet.  What previously had been anything BUT a pep talk, turned around into a series of encouraging declarations.

I heard myself say, “That’s RIGHT!  I’m Edie Bayer!  I’m NOT that other person!  I can DO this!  You have CHOSEN ME!  I am anointed for this!”  This went on for a few minutes, with the Lord encouraging me, using my own voice, but I knew it was Him.  Not only was the Lord encouraging me, but I found I was encouraging myself in the Lord at the same time! “…David encouraged himself in the Lord” (1 Sam 30:6).

It was then that I saw the spider web full of dead flies for what it was – a prophetic picture.  The trap that had been set was COMPARISON: an unseen, silent web of deceit that the enemy had spread out for me to walk into.  The dead flies are all the others, God’s Children, who fall into the trap, but never get out.  They never get to complete the works that God has assigned to them, because they believe the lie!  Worse, they never complete His call on their lives, so they just shrivel up and die, caught in the web.

I believe that the enemy is working overtime now to stop the forward momentum of the Kingdom.  This was not an out-and-out attack against me.  This was much more subtle, using skills that had been learned, and revelation that had been gleaned to use for Kingdom purposes.  But God!  He showed me the trap so that I wouldn’t fall into it.  More importantly, He showed me this truth so that YOU wouldn’t fall into it, either.  Here is some valuable insight from this experience to help us all overcome in this season:

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS IN THE KINGDOM.  You are wonderfully created, unique in every way, in order to complete the unique assignment that God has given you.  David said, “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Ps 139:14).  

They have their Kingdom job, and you have yours.  Even if it’s doing the same thing, they are different from you.  They think differently, react differently, talk differently, and they have a different sphere of influence. There is no comparison.

Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made, it’s OK to voice your opinion of yourself – as long as it lines up with the Word of God!  It is not pride, it is not arrogance – it is the TRUTH.  As a King’s Son or Daughter, you are expected to declare the works of the Lord!

Don’t get in agreement with the enemy of your soul.  If I did not know and hear the voice of the Lord and declare what I know He says about me, and declare what I know to be true, I might actually talk myself out of God’s calling on my life.  Don’t do that!  Don’t get in agreement with the enemy.  He wants to destroy you, to stop you from moving forward in the Kingdom.

You are never so elevated that the enemy won’t come after you.  Even as experienced as I am with his tactics, my mind immediately went to the negative when I walked into that spider web.  Fortunately, God was counting on that, so he could use me as an example of His goodness.

Don’t worry about the wiles of the enemy!  Only be strong and very courageous” (Joshua 1:7), because “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4)”. Everything that the enemy means for harm God turns around for your good, and the good of the Kingdom (see Romans 8:28).

Walk in Confidence, knowing that God loves you, and He is using you.  Most importantly, don’t panic if you accidentally walk into a spider web full of flies.  Brush it off, go get cleaned up, and God will tell you who you really are once again!

Edie Bayer




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Are You Prepared? Spiritual Safety Instructions – Part I

fasten seat belt

Part I – “Spiritual Safety Instructions: Are you Prepared?”

Part II – “Elbows, Knees and Toes: What you Need to Know!”

I was on an airplane recently.  As usual, at the beginning of the flight, the flight attendants went through their little “safety-spiel”, telling us about oxygen masks and exit signs.  I have heard it so many times I really just watch and listen out of courtesy.  As I listened, I looked around the cabin.  I couldn’t help but notice that very few people, other than me, were paying attention.  I thought to myself, “God help us if anything happens! I hope they can open the exit door!”

The guy in front of me was a big guy, and he had his seat leaned back.  The man next to me in the middle seat was a big guy, too.  He was using both arm rests.  Feeling a little squeezed, I leaned toward the aisle a bit to keep from resting against his arm.  As it turned out, this wasn’t such a great idea.  A couple of the flight attendants were fairly big, too, and as they went up and down the aisle, they kept bumping into my arm with their hips.  This happened so many times my arm started to feel a little sore and bruised.

This is not a new experience for me.  A couple of years ago, a flight attendant ran over my foot with the drink cart as I slept!  That hurt!  So you’d better believe it when a little while later, as they were pushing the cart down the aisle, I sat up and made sure all my body parts were inside my “space”.  It was then that I realized the flight attendant was saying, “Watch your elbows, knees and toes!  Elbows, knees and toes! Elbows, knees and toes!”

The gal said it over and over so many times, I really felt as though God was speaking to me through her, saying it enough times to get my attention.  It worked!  I asked Him, “Ok God – what are You saying about elbows, knees and toes?”

See, years ago, I had a dream.  In this dream, my mother and I were in a meat packing plant.  There were all kinds of animals on a conveyor belt, and although I don’t remember most of the dream, the part I remember clearly was this: as I was attempting to leave that place, there was a pig lying on the ground in front of me like a cat with its two front feet sticking out in front of it.  In the dream, I heard a voice coming from somewhere that said, “Watch your ankles!”

I found out later that ankles stand for “FAITH”.  So when I heard, “Elbows, Knees and Toes” on this flight over and over, it resonated inside of me!  This is because it hit me in my spirit:  if ANKLES mean FAITH, then ELBOWS, KNEES and TOES must have spiritual meanings as well!

Unfortunately, since we were already up in the air by this time, I was unable to research Elbows, Knees and Toes at that moment.  I will tell more about this discovery in Part II of this message, entitled, “Elbows, Knees and Toes – What you Need to Know!”

So, I settled in to read my Bible.  Instead, I heard the Lord ask me, “Are You Prepared?”

Knowing Him as I do, my knee-jerk reaction was, “Prepared for….What?”  I have learned to ask first!  The last time He said that to me, He asked me if I was “ready” to stop coloring my hair!  Honestly, ladies – who is ever READY to stop coloring her hair?  It turned out it was an exercise in obedience, but more about that some other time.

God is what I call a “picture-God”.  He speaks through pictures and parables, both in the Bible and today.  He gives us prophetic words, dreams and visions, and shows us the things that are to come (John 16:13).  Even the Hebrew aleph-bet started out as pictures!  Because I know this about Him, He began to talk to me about the pictures He had just shown me:  The Safety Instructions.

It troubled me that hardly anybody else paid attention to the safety instructions when they were given.  I guess as a people, we have grown complacent that nothing is going to happen.  Planes take off and they land every day, hundreds of times a day.  In fact, statistically speaking, there is a higher chance of getting attacked by a shark than being in an airplane accident.

So, it is in the airplane pretty much as it is on the earth today – hardly anybody on the earth is paying attention to His instructions!  However, WE as the REMNANT, the ELECT, the hand-selected heirs of the Kingdom of God are under additional scrutiny and pressure by the Almighty – because He is depending on US to finish out His end-time plan.  He has given us instructions, and fully expects us to pay attention.

So, with that, I will share the message that He gave me on the plane: “Are You Prepared?”

  1. The Lord said that we MUST obey instructions in this next portion of our earthly adventure with Him, because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The safety instruction card is right in front of us on “the plane”, a word-play and a symbol of “His PLAN”.  He says the instructions are right in front of us, easily within our reach, as close as our hands – both in our Bible, and our open hands, raised and ready to receive from Him!  “From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17 KJV).”
  2. The Lord spoke to me about the oxygen masks dropping down in front of us from overhead. What is in the masks? OXYGEN! Air – Pneuma – Ruach – Holy Spirit!  Where does it come from? Overhead, from Him – and it’s in front of us, and not behind!  That’s right!  When the cabin pressure drops – or, alternatively, since it is an upside down kingdom, when the pressure is ON — due to some unforeseen circumstance or calamity, the Holy Spirit is on the job!  His Name in Hebrew is Ruach HaKodesh – Breath, Life, Spirit.  He is the air we breathe!

We must continue to breathe to survive.  All we have to do is reach out, take His mask, and BREATHE!  A woman when she is birthing will breathe deeply.  An athlete as s/he runs breathes deeply.  When the adrenaline from our “fight-or-flight” syndrome kicks in, we breathe deeply!

Instead of breathing in “the world”, breathe in the Holy Spirit!  Instead of breathing in ‘panic’, breathe in PEACE!  Instead of breathing in ‘anger’, breathe in FORGIVENESS!  Breathe Him in deeply. Rest in Him!  Know He has your back!  Spend time with Him!

Interestingly, even if the bag doesn’t inflate, the oxygen is still flowing.  This means that although it may seem that nothing has changed, be confident that the Holy Spirit is flowing, and continue to breathe Him in!  Don’t stop breathing!

  1. He talked to me about our seat belts: we MUST stay buckled up for this next segment of our journey. The flight attendant said to keep the seat belt on whenever we are seated, even if the captain has turned off the “fasten seatbelt” light; however, she also showed us how to loosen it and release the buckle.  I believe the Lord is saying that he wants us to stay put, seated in heavenly places with Him.

“And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus… (Ephesians 2:6 KJV)”

Don’t get out of your seat!  It is the adversary’s goal to get you up out of your heavenly seat, to get you out of position.  He may flash the “unbuckle-your-seatbelt-sign”, like an angel of light that he has been known to be, (see 2 Corinthians 11:14) to lure you.  DON’T DO IT!  Use your seat belt, keep it buckled up, and stay seated with Him in Heavenly places!

You DO have free will.  You can choose to release your buckle at any time, remove your seat belt, stand up, and walk away.  God is not going to force you to stay seated with Him in heavenly places.  It is a choice.  You can get up, but WHY would you? Stay in His peace and His rest.  Stay in relationship.

  1. That brings us to the exit doors. I ALWAYS check to see where the nearest exit doors are once I board the aircraft. Why? In case of emergency!  I want to know how to get out of a bad situation, should one arise.  In life, “diverse trials” (see James 1:2) happen altogether too often, it seems, but God has given us some REALLY good news:  Jesus IS the DOOR!  He is our Exit door, our entrance door, and the gatekeeper.  He is the Way!  He is the Truth!  He is the Life!  No man comes to the Father except through Him!

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door… (John 10:7 KJV).”

“I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture (John 10:9).”

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (John 14:6).”

If you look at the floor of the aircraft, you can see the lighted strips that will direct you to the exit door… even if visibility is poor, even in the dark, even in the midst of the storm, even in smoke and flames!  That sure speaks to me!  God will light the way!  He will direct your path with His word!

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105).”

He gives you a MAP and a Strategy – FOLLOW ME (see Matthew 4:19)!  He will lead you by any means necessary to guide you to the Exit Door – straight to Jesus!  He will make sure you can find your way to Him: to help, to life, and life more abundantly (see John 10:10).

Aren’t you glad you looked for, and found, the “Exit Door”? Lean on that Door!  When that Door opens, and it will open as you knock, you will fall right into His arms!

He is also our portal, our entrance into the heavenly realm.  He invites us to, “…come up here (Revelation 4:1)”, and to “…go in and out (the door) and find pasture (John 10:9)”, to spend time with Him in His presence.  I have had multiple visions in the last year or so that all start out with that one phrase, “Come up here…” This is because I said, “YES!” to intimacy with Jesus.

I believe in this next segment in time, He will be working on the remnant to grow with Him in even MORE intimate ways!  These are our instructions!

On the plane, the Lord asked me, “Are you prepared?”  I want to urge you to do a “safety check”, and look at the instructions He has given us all:

  1. He gives us the instruction manual: the Bible
  2. He gives us our own personal line of communication with Him, a “hotline”: speaking in tongues;
  3. He gives us His own Holy Spirit;
  4. He seats us in heavenly places with Him and even shows us the Exit Door from diverse trials!
  5. He does all of this in order to prepare us for this life, and more particularly, for what is coming in our immediate futures.

*This safety message brought to you by The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

Stay tuned for Part II of this message: “Elbows, Knees and Toes: What you need to know!”

Blessings and abundance as you SHIFT into this next segment!

Edie Bayer




April 28-29, 2017

The Unblemished Bride Conference

Freedom Fellowship

342 S Chadbourne

San Angelo, TX 76903

Edie Bayer, Vana Lawser, Grace Cruz, Alice Garza and Tina Baker


May 19th

Southern Gate Church

Jill and Hardy Jones

12053 D’Iberville Blvd,

D’Iberville MS


May 21st

As One United in Christ Fellowship

Apostle Mike & Susan Barnett

Valerie Voelker 225-933-8558

30915 Barnett Lane

Denham Springs, LA

Heaven through a Funnel

kidfunnelI saw heaven being squeezed into a funnel.  God had squeezed it, and squished it down into one tiny stream; all of its grandeur and greatness, all the fullness of God, squeezed down into the simplest of all possible terms, through a funnel, just so we could try to understand it. 

I heard the Lord say, from now on, it will be the other way around!  From now on, heaven will be coming at us through the BIG END of the funnel, the OPEN END of the cornucopia! Those of us that have grasped God, chased Him and grabbed ahold of Him will be in for ALL THE FULLNESS of God, wide open and on FULL BLAST!! Hallelujah!

How much does it cost?


Jesus is often playful with me in my visions.  My encounter with him in service last night was no different.  I was rapt in worshipping the Lord, focusing on the whiteness of His robe.  I asked the Lord to wrap me in his arms, to “envelope” me. 

He laughed at me, as He often does, and started playfully tickling me and poking me.  He said, “So, what?  So I stick a stamp on you and mail you?”  Laughing and giggling like a child as we played, I said, “YES!  Mail me!”

He started teasing me about mailing me, saying, “Priority Mail!  Express Mail! Air Mail!”

Then he stopped and looked at me, and I at him, and He asked me, “Do you know how much it cost to mail you?”  I shook my head, “No.”

He said, simply, “EVERYTHING.  It cost everything.”