Jesus is taking Center Stage!

foal-hat                                   Jesus is taking Center Stage!

As I was praying for President Trump this morning I went into a vision.  I heard Jesus say, “You have plenty of word in you.  You need to have some fun!”  Jesus reached out to me with a golden mechanical arm, like the arm of the Iron Man suit, and grabbed ahold of my hand, pulling me up where He is.

I found myself sitting on a tree bough, side by side with Jesus, swinging my legs like a kid.  We were sitting above a line of horse-drawn wagons.  They were similar to stagecoaches, wooden, but not the covered variety.  The path they were driving down was directly under the tree where I was seated with Jesus on the tree bough, but on the other side of the tree trunk.  Looking down, it was dusty and unclear, kind of “grayed out”.  I could see somewhat the line of wagons that were proceeding under the tree, but not very clearly.

I thought of Zaccheus climbing into a tree to see Him (Luke 19:1-10).  His name means clean and pure, such as the first pressing of the olives to make Extra-Virgin olive oil.  I wondered if he stood up and searched for Jesus, or if he sat on a tree bough as I was doing now, waiting for the Lord to come.

Jesus asked me what I saw, and I responded, “Nothing really.”

He told me to look further down the line of passing wagons. I looked out into the distance and saw a horse, very clearly, a golden colored farm horse pulling one of the wagons.  It had a hat on, complete with a daisy!  We’ve all seen this image at some time.  I’d never contemplated why the horse had the hat on before, other than to look cute.  However, it suddenly hit me that the horse was wearing the hat to shield its eyes from the sun…it was protection!

Immediately after that vision, I was transported.  I saw myself standing in an arena, preaching, as a whitish well-trained circus horse was circling around me with no rider.  Its trainer stood behind me with a long whip in the center of the arena.  I then saw the same horse circling the arena, but this time it had a circus rider ballerina on it and no trainer.  Suddenly, it was me on the horse circling the arena.  First I was standing up and preaching as the horse circled the arena, then sitting down and preaching, still with my microphone in my hand.

I heard Jesus say, “Forget everything you’ve ever known and prepare for the ride of your life.  Don’t be like the Israelites who wandered in the desert for forty years.  Put down that mindset and get anew, get renewed.  Leave all that other stuff behind!

“Come up here on this tree bough and get higher with me.  Look down on what is going on.  You have discernment, use it.  You can see from a higher perspective when you are seated with me in high places.

“It’s emotions that drag you down into the earth realm.  You cannot see the forest for the trees when you are emotional.  Step back and see from a distance what is going on in any particular circumstance.  “The enemy uses your emotions and pushes your buttons.  You have to know that and ACT, do not REACT!  Pray for people that they respond and do not react.  There will be many opportunities to react in the days to come.

“Respond from a higher position of authority, a higher position of enlightenment.  Do not react like a brute beast.  Your hat will shield you from the things that make you emotional and make emotional decisions, even eating emotionally.”

Here’s the good news!  I believe that Jesus is giving us a “new hat” to wear!  Just like the horse in my vision wore a hat as protection from the blazing sun, this “new hat” will be one that protects us from the elements that would affect our mind, will and emotions. He wants us OUT of the earth realm, UP on that tree bough with Him, looking DOWN on the things of this world.  We were made to rule and reign from above, not from this level – this earthly plane!

The wagons and the horses are symbols of pioneering and blazing new trails, new paths, and having fun while we do it, victoriously and with authority!  Although in my vision it was “grayed out” and dusty, and not very clear right now as I looked at the wagons directly underneath me, as I look a little further down the path, it becomes clear!  We carry the supply that the world needs in our wagons – JESUS!  We have an unprecedented opportunity to blaze new paths, pioneer new trails and do new things to bring Jesus to a lost and dying world.

I also believe that the Lord is giving us the opportunity to do things that have never been done while preaching the gospel.  In my vision, He initially had me in the arena while the horse with the trainer and then the circus rider entertained the crowd.  This symbolically stood for Christians not being “the main event”, so to speak, but we were there in the background, even underground in some instances.  I believe God is changing this!  In my vision, God moved me ONTO the horse, both standing and sitting, preaching the Gospel, as the horse circled the arena.  This to me means that He is MOVING US INTO THE MAIN ARENA, into the limelight – we are becoming the main event!  HIS WORD is becoming the main event!  Jesus is taking center stage!

This is important for many reasons!  It is easy to get lost in the background, in the midst of “white noise” in this world.  It is entirely different when God’s Word and His ministries shine in the limelight.    We now have a President who is “UN-Persecuting” Christians!  He is bringing us once again into the limelight!  We will be able to preach the Gospel, OPENLY, unlike the last several years.  We will no longer be in the background, the “silent majority”.  Instead, we will openly rule and reign in this country, and as the USA goes, so goes the world!

Initially I was standing on the horse as I preached, then I was seated.  I believe that initially we will have to “STAND UP” for what we believe, but as time goes on, we will take a seat and “settle in” to what is God’s will and our inheritance…FREEDOM!  Experiencing Jesus is freedom!

One example of this is that the foothold that we have in Hollywood will increase exponentially in the next short while.   I believe that our toehold will become a bona fide stance, a Christian movement!  I believe that we will see more and more Christian movies coming out, proclaiming and declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some of these movies will become even more mainstream than what we have seen to date.  Furthermore, I believe some “closet Christian” movie stars will start coming out of the closet, now that it is politically possible!  Some of these Christian movie stars will take a stand for purity, and justice, and they will make being Christian “cool”!  It will be fashionable to be pure, and holy, unlike before.  Instead of Hollywood, I believe it will henceforth be known as HOLY-Would!

I believe that holiness will spill over into ALL the arts and sciences, government, family – in fact, I believe that God is taking back His mountains – all SEVEN of them!

God is doing a new thing all over the world!  He desires that we take our position “on the tree bough” with Him, seated at His side, in high places, in heavenly places.  Ask Him for your “new hat”, the one that will shield you from the barbs of the enemy that are aimed at your soul to push the buttons of your emotions.  This new hat will guard your heart, “…for out of it flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23).”  Get ready to ride your horse and take your wagon to new territory for the glory of God, be center stage, and enjoy every minute of it!

In this unprecedented time in history, the GO-BUTTON has finally been pushed.  Let’s Go!

Edie Bayer




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Safety of Our Circumstances

20160303_121238Feeding our bunnies a couple days ago, one of the youngsters was so anxious for the food that it was standing on its hind legs, with its paws on the cage door.  I opened the cage, expecting it to step back, but instead it lost its balance and fell out onto the ground.  I quickly grabbed it and put it back in the cage, and it joined its brothers and sisters at the food bowl. 

This morning, another of the cages had a similar incident.  This time, I was able to just push it back inside, before it had the opportunity to fall.

Coming out of my mouth, and my heart, was this:

“You need to stay inside your cage, little bunny.  There are things out here that want to eat you.  The cage is not to keep you IN, but to keep them OUT!”

That word went off inside of me, resonating so strongly!  I believe it is a Word from the Lord for some.  If you feel like you are caged in, that you are tied up, frustrated with circumstances that simply will not let you advance, perhaps it is God keeping you safe!

Sometimes we are so anxious and impatient for the “food” that we know is coming – revival – that we stand up and push against the door, or are even pounding on it for it to open.  Sometimes, it’s not the right door!  Or, perhaps, we are simply not ready, and lose our balance, falling into some ditch of doctrine.  Thankfully we have a God that will pick us up off the ground, and put us back into safety with our brothers and sisters, at the right food bowl for us!  

Remember, the enemy prowls about, roaring like a lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).  God may have you in a “safe place”, sequestered even, to keep you from being eaten up!  By keeping you IN, He is keeping the enemy OUT!

If this is you, praise God, and thank Him for the safety of your circumstances!  He is deliberately keeping you safe, and in the fullness of time – in God’s timing – He will let you out to run free!


Edie Bayer

Jesus said, “Give everyone a Rose!”

red-red-redJesus walked up to me in a vision this morning.  At first I thought He was wearing a “Pirates of Penzance” outfit, since He had on a 1700’s style shirt with the frilly collar.  Then I saw Him put on a leather jacket, and I realized he was wearing leather chaps.  He looked very chic, and I thought to myself, “Wow! What a cool outfit!  It could be a new fashion trend.”

He put his arm around me and pointed out in front of us.  I can still smell the leather of His jacket! 

In the direction that He pointed was a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.  It looked like a rutted cart path from a western movie, complete with some tall grass growing in the middle and on both sides.  There was nothing else, just the path and some trees in the distance.  It went on forever.

He said, “You see that long road in front of you?”  I nodded yes.  He asked me, “What do you want to see on it?”  

I looked out at this road in front of us which stretched out eternally.  It was a blank canvas. 

Understanding that our words frame our world (see Proverbs 18), I thought about it seriously for a moment, not really knowing how to answer, or what to say.  I didn’t really know where He was going with this, so I just started spitting out some things. 

I said, “Success.    Gratitude.  Trees!”  I laughed.  Then it hit me, and it came out of my mouth, “LOVE.”

Jesus said, “That’s it!  LOVE.”  Immediately I saw a swelling of flowers, roses, beginning at my feet and reaching up and out in front of me, spilling forward.  They were red roses piled on top of each other, looking very much like a wave of blood, but it was a wave of love. It flowed very quickly, and covered the path in front of us, going on into eternity.

He continued, “For you to receive love, you first have to give it.”  I nodded again, realizing exactly how true this statement was, adhering to His own principles of sowing and reaping (see Galatians 6:7, Luke 6:38).  “For you to see love on the path in front of you, give love.  Lots of it.  Love everyone, unconditionally.  Slather them with love.”  I really liked the way He said, “Slather”!

I thought of the scripture references in 1st Corinthians 13, that say when everything else is gone, love is the only thing that will remain, for all eternity.

Again, I nodded, shaking my head in agreement.  I said, “Please, Jesus!  Show me how to love!  How do I do that?  How do I love like you?” 

He replied, “Give everyone a rose.”

It was then that I realized that the swelling of love that I saw on the road, a tsunami of blood red roses, was an “adding unto”.  It was a multiplication of all the roses of love that He gives out every day through us, His children.  Each one individually is just a small part of His fragrant bouquet of love.  Added together, it multiplies, taking on a life of its own, flowing out in front of us and forward into all eternity.  It “slathers” everyone in our path!

Roses are expensive!  It will cost you to love someone unconditionally.  But our Lord and King has spoken, and He said to give and you will receive (Luke 6:38).  Love is something that ALL of us are able to give, regardless of sex, race, financial status or location.  We all crave and need love; and we all have Love to give!

The hardest rose to give is the first one.  It will get easier and easier, and after a period of time, it will become your nature to do this.  Love someone unconditionally today.  Value him as a person, and just love him. 

I challenge all of us today, including myself, to reach out to someone, and give that person a rose:  The Rose of Sharon.  Their life will never be the same, and neither will yours!


Blessings and love,

Edie Bayer


Kingdom Promoters

God’s “Cheat Sheet” for 2017


Why are you looking at the door?  Walk through it!  

God’s Cheat Sheet to pass the tests of 2017!

Why are you looking at the door?  Walk through it!  God’s Cheat Sheet to pass the tests of 2017!

In a vision recently, I saw a door open in the heavenlies.  The door and the frame had gray-white paint, and the paint was badly peeling.  The sky was blue and rose and orange and purple and there were clouds below the door and in the background.  The doorway itself seemed to be nestled in a bed of cloud.

“After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven (Revelation 4:1 Amplified)!”

The doorway was cracked open, not fully, maybe ten or twelve inches, just enough to see through it.  As I watched, the door closed with a click.  I felt panic, and in the vision, I heard myself saying, “Oh, NO!”  At that moment, the Lord reminded me that doors that He opened no man can shut (see Revelation 3:7 and 3:8).  Then, as I watched, the door swung open again, seemingly by itself!

I found myself studying the paint on the door frame, looking at it intently.  The frame was very sturdy, and the door was solid wood – however, it was old and peeling badly.  There was a familiar feel to the paint, as if I had seen it before.  In fact, I felt strongly as if I really KNEW this door and this paint.  Under the badly peeling paint was a dark gray primer.  The paint had curled up, pulling away from the primer and the frame.  One could tell that it had been a long time since it had been painted.

The Lord said to me, “Why are you looking at the door?  Walk through it!”

 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears and listens to and heeds My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will eat with him, and he [will eat] with Me (Revelation 3:20).”

At the end of the vision, the Lord told me to study the verse in Revelation 4:1 about the door, both what comes before, and what comes after.

I believe the open door stands for God’s prophetic promises.   I was focused on the paint in this vision. In fact, I studied it intently, and I was drawn to the primer.  I KNEW that paint!  I was familiar with that paint!  I studied that paint and that doorframe.  I have heard the prophetic promises of God, and I know them intimately!  That is why that paint was so familiar to me.  I know them by His Word!  I have studied the prophetic promises of God, and have received many prophetic promises of my own.

The primer paint on the door frame was intact; it was the paint that was peeling.  Those who have ever painted anything know that paint primer must be applied first.  Primer, the undercoating that goes beneath the paint, has what is known as “tooth”.  It is this “tooth” that holds the paint, and hangs onto it.  “Tooth” in Hebrew is the noun “shen”, whose verb-form means “to sharpen”.  Some other root-words of the noun “shen” mean “old”, “asleep”, “to repeat” and “scarlet”.

I believe God is speaking to us through that paint!  I believe, in 2017, that God is saying for those who have held onto His prophetic promises, and those who have allowed Him to sharpen them in the last season, that He is repeating His promises once again!  These are the same promises that seemed to be too old and asleep to come true – but will be made manifest by the scarlet blood of Jesus!

The Original Framework

I believe the old frame was the original framework of things that have not yet come to pass.  The frame in the vision was sturdy and solid.  God’s Word is true and His prophetic promises to us are unfailing.  The peeling paint says that it’s just been a really long time!  However, now the door is OPEN, and even if the door swings closed with a “click”, that God will make sure it swings wide open once again!

The PRIMER on the door frame was intact; it was the paint that was peeling.  The primer in elementary school teaches young students the basics of education, and for us of faith, the Word is no different.  God’s promises are the basics of our faith!  His Word is the building block upon which all His promises rest.  His Word is unfailing.  His Word never comes back void, but rather will accomplish the thing for which it was sent.

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it (Isaiah 55:11 KJV).”

Here is the Good News for 2017:  Your promises from the Lord are still good!  He hasn’t changed His mind.  They are still going to come true – but they may look different than what you expect.  The paint is peeling, unveiling the NEW THING that the Lord is giving you —  the same promises that He gave you so long ago!

Hours later, the Lord reminded me that I just needed to walk through the door.  It’s a setup – a divine, Holy Ghost setup!  The door is standing open in the heavenlies!  Just walk through it!  He wants you to do it, and He is going to help you!

I believe this year, 2017, will be a year of testing for many – and you will pass!  I was in prayer this morning, and  I believe I heard the Lord say to me that I needed to change my attitude and that He was going to be “roto-rootering” me to cleanse me of bad thought processes.  In essence, He told me he would be cleansing me from the inside out.  He specifically mentioned He would be giving me trials to make me strong, sending me through tribulation and testing — all for His glory, of course.

I didn’t hesitate, and I didn’t blink.  I really DID think, and respond in my heart, just like Mary: “Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord; let it be done to me according to what you have said (Luke 1:38).  Even so, for just a nano-second, I did have a fleeting thought of “OH NO!”, which seems to be a recurring thought process here!  However, it was so fleeting that it never really grew into a sentiment.

Let me explain why this is important to us all, in this season, in 2017.

Right before the Lord reminded me that the door is OPEN, that it is a Holy Ghost set-up and all I needed to do is walk through it, He told me that He had tested me!  You see, this morning was a test, and I passed!  I didn’t realize I was in a test, I was just in prayer!  He said to me, “You didn’t even flinch this morning when I told you that I was going to be giving you tests and trials to change your attitude.”

It’s true!  I didn’t complain, I simply said, “Let it be done.  Cleanse me Lord!”  That was one such test, and because I have passed that test, He released to me this revelation – that most of us are going to undergo testing in 2017.  But that is GOOD NEWS because the door is open!  He wants you to walk through it!  He wants you to pass the tests!  He has even given you the answers in advance!

Pay attention, because you may already be in a test!  In my case, He told me He would be testing me.  I just didn’t know that He was testing me right that second, even as He was telling me that He would be testing me!

God is giving us a “cheat sheet”!  He is giving us the answers to pass the tests! 

You’ve come with me this far, go with me just a little bit further!  God WANTS us to pass His tests so that He can fulfill the prophetic promises that He has made to us and for us.  Don’t be afraid!  The door is open!  He is helping you to pass with ease the tests you will encounter in 2017!  

Lessons learned to pass the tests of 2017:

  1. Don’t complain. Whatever God is going to do for you, through you and with you, requires spiritual maturity.  You cannot have a testimony without a test.  You cannot be promoted without a test.  Do not grumble if it seems that God is testing you, because He is!  When you pass that test, you will be promoted!
  2. Say Yes! Just say YES!  No matter what the question is, say YES LORD.  Your door is open in the heavens.  God wants you to walk through it!  Just say YES!

And finally, remember: 

Don’t LOOK at the door!  Walk through it!  Your inheritance and your prophetic promises are waiting for you on the other side!


Edie Bayer