Be rich in My presence!






The wealth of the nations is passing unto you. 

Look unto me, the hope of Glory for it to come to pass.

Hold out your hands , o ye of little faith…for I shall fill them.

The days are coming and in fact are here that it shall be vital that you have this wealth in your hands.  You shall need it to transcend political boundaries and man-made boundaries, to overcome obstacles that shall be put in your paths.  You shall overcome, for you are overcomers!

Righteousness, peace and joy are your portion for you are the inheritors of the Kingdom!  It is your inheritance, this is your Kingdom, both here and in the days to come.

Lift up your heads, o ye gates, for the King of Glory to come through!  He is the lifter of our heads.

Receive the miracles that are manifesting in your midst.  You will need them to survive.  Hear me, o child of mine…receive and survive. 

Do not allow distractions to come in.  They will try. There will always be other things that need to be done, as the poor will always be with you.  Be rich, rich in my presence.  Carry me with you from place to place, be a carrier of my glory, my presence. 

Miracles Under the “Big Top”!

tentMiracles under the Big Top!

Darryl and I ministered at a tent revival this past weekend in the Austin area.  We had so many miracles happen it was unbelievable…but we believe!!

A lady who was 75% deaf in one ear and 50% deaf in the other regained hearing

Spinal stenosis – cured!

A man got a new back, new shoulder and grew several inches

Legally Blind – said she could see 50% better!!

Crushed pelvis – healed

Crushed knee, wrist and shoulder – healed

3-stroke victim – legs grown out and able to lift his knees – not able to before Jesus healed him!  Previously had felt tingling and numbness in his leg, healed!

Fibromyalgia healed

Depression gone

Diabetes gone, new pancreas (several!)

3-people received tongues

Dozens of prophetic words and words of knowledge, and so many more miracles happened, I cannot even recount them all. 

So many new smiles, smiles that had been buried under pain!  When the pain left, the smiles returned!

God still heals!  Jesus is AWESOME!!!