Provision for the Vision – It’s What you Need to Succeed in the “After”!

Provision for the Vision – It’s What you Need to Succeed in the “After”!

The past three days the Lord has had me in Ezra 7.  I love Ezra 7, because Ezra has so much favor from the King.  It took me a couple of days, but I finally realized that God was speaking about that very thing: WE HAVE FAVOR FROM THE KING!  Lots of it, in massive quantities!  I believe that this chapter holds the key to the season into which many may be walking.

God, the voice of many waters, is speaking through Ezra to us!  The king has given Ezra absolutely EVERYTHING that he needs to accomplish the task for which he was given permission – for which he has gained approval – from the king.  Not only did the king deem him worthy of the project and purpose, but he supplied his every need to accomplish it, with lots left over (Ezra 7:15-16, 18).

Provision for the Vision!

In the exact same way, you have been given absolutely EVERYTHING that you need to accomplish your God-given task!  God has hand-selected you for the task He personally has given you!  So, since God has assigned it to you, He will provide for you.  In other words, He will give you what you need:  PROVISION FOR THE VISION.

Ezra has a letter stating he is entitled to steward all the silver and all the gold given by his earthly king to our Heavenly King.  Additionally, he has been given permission to acquire all the gold and silver that he finds in Babylon, along with all the freewill offerings, to use for God’s Kingdom purposes.

That same letter now belongs to us!  Although it was written long ago by a Persian king for a scribe of the God of Heaven (Ezra 7:11), that same letter entitles us to steward all the silver and all the gold in Babylon!  That includes all the wealth of the seven mountains and all of the cattle on them (Ps. 50:10)!  It includes all the wealth that has started to be, and is still in the process of being, transferred to the righteous (Prov. 13:22).  It includes wisdom, revelation knowledge, power and authority – all wrapped up into one letter written to us thousands of years ago!

Get ready to have an AFTER THIS experience!

There was a sixty-year gap between chapters Six and Seven in the book of Ezra.  The book of Esther happened during this “silence”.  Saints, sometimes God is silent about what you want him to talk about, because He is busy working on other areas of your life.  These are Esther areas: areas of preparation for becoming the Queen – His Bride!  He wants a bride without spot or wrinkle, so He has been silently working on you.  He has been preparing you for the AFTER all along!

Ezra 7:1 reads, “Now, after THIS...”  What is your THIS?  Is your THIS economic famine?  Have finances been incredibly tight?  Is your THIS health challenges?  Have you been facing health obstacles that up until now have been impossible to overcome?  Has your THIS had somebody’s name?  Have relationships been your THIS?  Has hurt been your THIS?  Have you had THIS attitude, or THIS thought process?  Has pride been your THIS, or depression?

If so, that’s GREAT!  By God overcoming the THIS in your life, it will give Him the glory and the honor that He deserves!  After all, if you could do it yourself, you wouldn’t need God.  He moves in the miraculous!


Take your eyes off the THIS and put them on the AFTER!

Even though THIS was important for a season, what is even more important about Ezra 7:1 is the AFTER!  It says, “Now AFTER this…”!  What is most important is what is about to happen – your AFTER!  You had to go through the THIS.  You had to endure the THIS.  Your THIS, although it may have been painful, and helped shape and prepare you, is not as important as the AFTER!  God has been preparing you for the AFTER.  Everything else has been boot camp.

Not everyone will go up with you, only those that “offer freely” (Ezra 7:13).  This means that you cannot drag anyone along, kicking and screaming, into your AFTER.  They may have been with you in the “THIS”, but they are now part of the “THAT”!  Some people will choose to stay in the “THIS”, while you move on into your AFTER.  Your job now is to complete your assignment: your AFTER.  Theirs is between them and God.

When does this happen?  NOW!  This same verse says, “NOW after this…”  The time is NOW.  God is a NOW God and this is a NOW word!  It’s a NOW time and a NOW season.

Arise, family of God!  Be prostrate no more, because we are NOW in a new time!  Take your eyes off of the THIS and put them on the AFTER!



Do you have a vision?  If not, you better get one! Habbukuk 2:2 says, “Write the Vision.”  Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without a vision, the people perish.”  How can God give you provision for the vision if you don’t have a vision?  Write the Vision, so you can operate in the PROVISION!

The king told Ezra exactly what to buy with his kingdom money in verse 17.  This gave him a vision, or rather, something to envision.  What is God saying to you?  What is our King saying for you to envision, for you to “buy into”?  Write it down!

Lastly, the king told Ezra in verse 18, “And whatever shall seem good to you and to your brethren to do with the rest of the silver and the gold, that do after the will of your God.

The bottom line is this:  Write the Vision that God gives you.  Once you have this Godly game plan, a strategy, you can trust God to fulfill it. He will give you more than you ask for, over and above anything you can ask, think or imagine (Eph. 3:20).  There will be so much, in fact, that God has a contingency plan!  This is for you to do what you know to be in alignment with God’s will with the extra that He gives you, above and beyond your budget, even exceeding your vision!  God trusts you to do what is right.  Because he has trusted you with the little, he can trust you with the big!  You have proven you are trust-worthy!  He knows He can trust you with the PROVISION!  He will give you what you NEED to SUCCEED in the “After”!  Our God will make sure you have it.


Blessings in the Abundance!

Edie Bayer



Saturday, Sept. 30th, 6:30PM

Clarion Call Conference

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Sunday, Oct. 1st, 10:30 AM

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Growing in the Prophetic

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The Real You Conference, with Victoria Boyson, Edie Bayer, Grace Cruz, Teresa Comparin and Michelle Bollom

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Rattle Your Sabre, Expose the Strongholds!

Rattle Your Sabre, Expose the Strongholds!

For the last few days, every time I went into my back yard a wasp attacked me.  It seemed it had set up house in my potting shelves, very close to where I close my gate.  At first it was just a nuisance, and it shooed away easily.  But the other morning there was a really aggressive one that dive bombed me, and forced me to run.  This made me angry, so I went out there with my electronic bug zapper to take care of the problem, yelling, “Oh no you don’t!  This is MY domain!  It does not belong to you, and I’m taking it back!”

I looked into the shelf where I thought it was, and only saw a small, old wasp nest hanging at the back.  This led me to believe that there were only one or two wasps.  Arrogantly, I stuck my swatter into the area, rattling my sabre at it, provoking it to come out so I could swat it.

All of a sudden, there were a dozen wasps flying at me, all aiming to “take care of the problem” – me!  What I thought was just one wasp was an entire colony.  I had looked in the wrong place – they were building their nest in an area I did not see.

Needless to say, I retreated!  I was unscathed, praise the Lord.  I was surprised, but not beaten! I know that wasps quiet down and are not as active after dusk.  I planned to go back out later and that is exactly what I did, armed with my wasp spray in one hand and a flashlight in the other.  I sprayed down the nest, and there were no survivors. Chalk one up for a plan!

Here is the lesson: In between the first encounter with the aggressive, dive bombing wasp and spraying down the colony, I realized God was speaking!  What I heard was, “If only you were as powerfully-minded about the demonic strongholds in your life!

How true!  You see, I know that a wasp symbolizes the demonic.  If only we recognized the enemy as a wasp, a demonic intruder intent on setting up house and taking over our domain, building a stronghold, eventually dive-bombing us and causing harm!  If only we could recognize that, then we could also recognize we have something buzzing around inside of us, ready to sting at any time.

Instead of getting into agreement with the enemy by arguing or being jealous, we should realize that anger, jealousy, competition and road rage is the work of the devil.  We should pick up our electronic zappers – our Sword, the bible – to “take care of the problem”, and get rid of that pesky pest with the word of God.

Secondly, we CAN retreat with honor, unscathed, to regroup and get another plan to take out the stronghold.  You have not failed! In this instance, I realized I couldn’t overcome these wasps on their turf during the heat of the day.  I had to use the wisdom and experience that God had given me (Hello, Body!) to wait until dusk, when I could go out and “take care of the problem” safely, without threat of harm.  Had I continued without retreating, without using this experience, I could have ended up hurt.

Spiritually, we can do the same, by using our experience and wisdom to do battle with the forces of darkness on God’s terms: use Scripture, like Jesus (Matt. 4:4); fast like Jesus (Matt. 4:2); pray like Jesus (Luke 11:2-4); have a relationship with the Father, like Jesus (Matt. 3:17); know your identity, like Jesus (John 17:3); don’t argue with the devil, like Jesus (Matt. 4:10-11); and never, never, NEVER give up, like Jesus!

Many times we treat the symptoms, and ignore the root.  Our problem is sometimes we don’t see the real problem.  I didn’t see that giant colony. I only saw the tiny, old nest in the back.  The real problem, the root, was much larger but hidden and I didn’t see it.    If I had only knocked down that old nest, nothing would have happened, because it was a distraction, not the root.  I needed for that major problem to be exposed – for the stronghold to be exposed!

In this season, get ready for strongholds to be exposed, both in you and in othersGod is going to use you as a sabre-rattler!  He is going to position you to use what He has put into your hand to expose the works of the enemy – the spiritual root and the Stronghold.  You shall be called as a spiritual whistle blower!  You shall be used mightily of the Lord to set the works of darkness on their head.  You will be used as a spiritual axe laid to the root (see Matt. 3:10) and no longer just treating symptoms in the natural.

This will cause some situations that may, on the surface, seem to be dangerous and perhaps even life-threatening.  But rest assured, our Father wishes you no harm, and He will protect you.  Knowing how much I wanted to kill that wasp that made me angry by dive-bombing me, He allowed me to walk into this hornets’ nest, just as Daniel had to walk into the lions’ den (Daniel 6:16); however, He also kept me safe during the encounter, and did not allow me to get stung.

He simply gave me a glimpse of His spiritual playbook for this season, to draw these prophetic parallels, and to learn another lesson!

He is using you as a natural tool impacting the spiritual – an arrow from His quiver with which He has targeted a specific area in the spiritual realm.  I believe demonic strongholds have always been on His radar, but now they are dead-center of His target range…and God always gets what He wants!  Remember, He laughs at His enemies.

“The Lord laughs at [the wicked], for He sees that their own day [of defeat] is coming,” (Ps. 37:13).


Once the works of darkness have been exposed in our own lives, and we realize that we have a demonic stronghold, we can admit our involvement with the enemy, repent of it, and ask God for another plan.  God will give it to us!  Ask Him for His God plan! Yield to this plan!  Follow it to a “T”, because He knows the end from the beginning, and He knows how it will all end up – with you as the overcoming conqueror (Romans 8:37)!

So, here is the bottom line in this New Year and new season:  You WILL be out of your comfort zone.  You WILL be used of the Lord.  You WILL be meeting head to head with powers of darkness, and taking them out!  You WILL be turning the world upside down (see Acts 17:6)!

Who could ask for anything more?

Shake, Rattle and Expose!

Edie Bayer



Saturday, September 30, 2017 6:00 pm

311 West Street, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Prophetic meetings: Edie Bayer Saturday night, Darren Canning Sunday morning


Sunday October 1st, 2017  10:30 AM

Dwelling Place Church

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Sunday October 1st, 2017   6:00 PM

Growing in the Prophetic

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God said, “IAM Lamed!” Lean on Him!


God said, “IAM Lamed!” Lean on Him!

*Note about portions of this word in rhyme. Those who know me know that I do not typically prophesy in rhyme!  However, the Lord does through me, from time to time!


God said, “IAM Lamed!”

Recently I saw a hand-written note on the ground next to my “prayer closet”.  It was a definition of the Hebrew letter LAMED, which also stands for the Hebrew number thirty.  The letter LAMED is shaped like a shepherd’s staff.  In Bible times, the shepherd leaned on it.  He also used it for chastening his flock, guiding them, pulling them out of disastrous situations, and so on.

As I knelt in prayer this morning, the Lord showed me a vision of His aleph-bet on fire with each of the letters swirling in gold and yellow flames.  He reminded me there are twenty-two letters, which is also (11 x 2).  Among other meanings, two means agreement or unity, and the ‘second witness’; eleven means transition or judgement (though not necessarily bad!) and revelation.

God is a “foundations” God, would you agree?  He laid that foundation, then said:

“IAm Lamed!”

He continued, “Each of those letters is Me.”

“I will send help in your time of need.  I will perform My word for your destiny.”

“Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over My word to perform it,” (Jer. 1:12).

Just then, I looked up.  Outside my window was a hummingbird, flitting from morning glory flower to morning glory flower.  This was so prophetic!  The Word says, Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning,” (Psalm 30:5), and we go from “…glory to glory…” (2 Cor. 3:18).  The Hummingbird, which moves so incredibly fast that we cannot even see its wings, was moving from glory to glory, in the Joy of the morning!  This was a reminder from the Lord that even though there will be tears in the night, the joy comes quickly, and we will move on rapidly to the next glory, and then to the next, and the next…with acceleration as fast as hummingbird wings!


The Answers are Coming Quickly Now

The Lord continued, “You have reached a life point turning. You are past the point of no return.

“You have had questions with no answers for so long, and yet have held firm to your faith.  Thusly the answers now come in rapid succession.”

“I AM Lamed – I am the door that now opens to more.”

“I AM Lamed – I am the eye of the storm.  IAM the peace that surrounds you, even as circumstances swirl around you.”

“You heard me when I said, ‘Listen to me now, and do as I say.  Prepare, prepare, prepare the way.’”

“Preparation was Key!  You have prepared for so long and now it is time to launch into your new song!”

“There is no more fog, it has lifted.  The only fog left is the Favor of God (F.O.G.)!”


God is Bringing Unity to His Family

“You can see clearly now.  Your vision is acute.  You sense more in the spirit.  You breathe me in and breathe me out.  You know more, more of me, more of what I have in store.”

“It is ‘the Gathering’: the Unification of time and purpose.  It is a Rhema moment.  It is time!”

“IAM Lamed.  IAM the Way Maker!  I AM the storm that comes through and cleanses.

“It looks like torment to the naked eye, but underneath that muddy swirl, something is happening! Something is being purified! The people come together in unity – UNIFIED!

“Hear the ‘EYE’ in Unified!  SEE what is happening!  SEE what is taking place!  WATCH as I bring unity into the broken places.  Only I can cure dysfunction.  Only I, the Father, can bring unity to the family.

“IAM the Head of the Household, and I still REIGN (rain)!  Sit tight! Did I not say that you would see the Glory of the Lord?”

Jesus said to her, “Did I not tell you and promise you that if you would believe and rely on Me, you would see the glory of God?” (John 11:40).


Lean on Lamed!

Let us now lean on the Lord instead of ourselves, instead of our own understanding.  Lean on Lamed!  Allow Him to continue to bring unity.  Although this horrific flood in Texas has caused massive transition in many lives, trust God, the FATHER, to bring unity back into His own family.  We will be divided no more!  He will bring it about for good for those who are called by His name and for His purposes (see Romans 8:28).


Many blessings as we come out of this storm!

Edie Bayer




September 30, 2017  7:00p

With Darren Canning and Sue Kopczyk

Healing Rooms Family Centre
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October 13-14, 2017

The REAL YOU Conference

With Victoria Boyson, Edie Bayer, Grace Cruz, Teresa Comparin and Michelle Bollom

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Friday at 7:00 PM, Saturday at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM, lunch on site.


October 28, 2017  9:00a – 5:00p

Kingdom Woman Arise, The Outpouring

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Bayview Golf Course Banquet Room

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