The Hook: There is Money in Your Mouth!

We are now in Hebrew year 5780, the year of “peh”- the mouth. I believe that God is speaking to many in a different way; furthermore, I believe He is requiring that we speak to Him in a new way, too!

As an example, in the last few months, my husband and I have had a MAJOR shift in our lives. I haven’t really had time to spend on my face for hours like I used to. As a result, I hadn’t really heard anything earth-shattering in my shorter times with Him. Desiring what I used to have, I did what I used to do. I got on my face just like I used to. I received little tidbits from the Spirit, but no fireworks…no huge revelations or shockwaves. I actually started to be concerned that my gift was gone, even though I know the Lord gives gifts without repentance (see Romans 11:29).

So, it really surprised me when the Lord stopped me as I was washing dishes, and for the second time that day communicated to me in a totally different way! I was simply THINKING about someone and how successful they are. I was not praying, meditating, complaining or comparing. I was just THINKING about this person.

That is when the Lord jumped right into my thought processes. Clearly, I heard Him say, “Yes, (this person) IS successful. They are successful for who they USED to be. They keep on doing what they’ve always done, in the old format, doing what has always worked in the past. They aren’t who I want them to be NOW.”

That is exactly what I was trying to do, too! I was trying to do the same thing, the same way, looking for the same results. But we are in a new season, in a new place and a new position of authority! Those old ways don’t work any longer.

He went on, “Don’t come to me in the old way. Come to me in the new way – even if you don’t know what that is. Come to me in honesty, and transparency. Come to me and talk to me as the success that you are NOW – not the success that you USED to be!”

WOW! That really hit home! See, earlier in the day I was doing something that required a measuring device – a ruler. I wasn’t doing anything holy, in fact, I just needed to measure something. THINKING, I said to myself, “I need a ruler.” The Lord jumped right into my thoughts, saying, “You ARE a ruler!”  He wants us to step into this: We are not who we think we are – we are who He says we are!

So, what does a ruler do? He DECREES! He speaks and his words make things happen.

“You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you;
And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon your ways.”
(Job 22:28 AMP)

The Lord impressed on me that He is requiring that we, the body, come to Him from a different position – AS MATURE, KINGDOM RULERS – rulers with authority in the Knowledge of Him, and that we decree from this angle, from a new perspective. We need to decree as the kings that He has made us!

To further confirm this word from the Lord, He put me in Matthew 17. At the end of the chapter, in Matthew 17:27, Jesus spoke to Peter about the temple tax. He had just told him that the sons are exempt, and then said,

“However, in order not to give offense and cause them to stumble [that is, to cause them to judge unfavorably and unjustly] go down to the sea and throw in a hook. Take the first fish that comes up, and WHEN YOU OPEN ITS MOUTH you will find there a shekel. Take it and give it to them to pay the temple tax for Me and for yourself (emphasis mine).”

As I studied this passage of scripture, I was drawn to THE HOOK. I don’t know why, but it was highlighted to me. I knew there was SOMETHING about the hook. Digging for a deeper meaning, I researched HOOK in every conceivable way, including the etymology. The roots of hook are, ‘corner, angle, projecting piece of land or a bent piece of material to hold things on’.

BUT GOD. The hook is a different angle, and a different perspective! Head knowledge is one thing, but heart knowledge is another! We KNOW (in our heads) that we are kings and priests and that the words of our mouths move mountains. In this season, the Lord is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, to both us and the world, that our decrees have life and miracle working power!

He also showed me how, in this season, He is supernaturally using natural things for His children to supernaturally draw natural things out of the natural into their natural – supernaturally! I know, that’s a lot of supers and naturals, but that is what He showed me!

Look at THE HOOK again:  Our supernatural God will take things that we already have in the natural (the hook), use them in natural ways (throw it in the lake) to supernaturally draw those natural things (the fish) that we need (the shekel) that are already in the natural (in the fish’s mouth) to us supernaturally (by our words).  How do I know? Because Jesus said the shekel was in the fish’s mouth!

What is the Christian symbol? A FISH! This is the year of the mouth! There is LITERALLY MONEY IN YOUR MOUTH! Open your mouth, because God’s word in your mouth will fulfill your desires and meet your needs!

The hook’s meaning musically is the “catchy part” that is repeated over and over. What does the Word tell us over and over? God is faithful, He supplies our every need, and our words are a creative force! Use your words creatively! Speak scripture to create what you want to see! God will fulfill your every need out of HIS RICHES IN GLORY in Christ Jesus – His word (see Philippians 4:19)!

DO WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO DO! This is what Jesus’ mother said to the servants at the wedding in Cana (see John 2:5), and He is telling us the same today – Just Do It! It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, it is going to happen! If Jesus had stopped to tell the servants what was going to happen in advance, do you think they would have believed Him anyway? NO! They just did it, because their job was to do what they were told to do. God used them as part of a miracle!

Would you like God to use you as part of the miracles that He is doing in the earth realm in this hour? If so, just do it: Open your mouth, speak creatively and reap the harvest of the fruit of your peh! Speak Life!

“A man’s stomach will be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth;
He will be satisfied with the consequence of his words.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words.”

Proverbs 18:20-21 Amplified Bible (AMP)


Blessings in and out of your mouth in this new year!  Edie Bayer,







Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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