Revival is going to hit like a tornado!

I had a dream that I was driving in my truck and Darryl was in the passenger seat. We felt uneasy and then I heard, Oh NO!

Suddenly I lost control of my truck. I felt a force moving it, spinning to the right, but it must have just bumped us, or barely touched us. It was a tornado. It moved us around, but as we came to a stop I saw another one out of the driver’s side window to my left, with another tornado right behind it. They were light colored and moving fast. Immediately a   second one picked up the truck and I realized we were spinning through the air, high off the ground. I remember thinking I would see a cow in the tornado, like in that movie! I started to say something to Darryl, but then passed out…End of Dream.

I remember having another tornado dream one time. I was sitting in my blue pickup in a parking lot with the door open. This was a truck from another period in my life – a tumultuous, painful period in my life; a period of destruction and devastation. In that dream, the tornado hit my truck, lifted it off the ground and just kept going. There was someone next to me in the truck, but I don’t know who – I always assumed it was Holy Spirit. I laid my head in his lap, out of fear. He covered me with a sky blue comforter, all the way over my head so I couldn’t see, as we were carried up.

When I awoke this morning from that dream, I was afraid! I thought, “No Lord! I don’t want to have trouble and devastation hit my life again!” That’s when the Lord reminded me of the first tornado dream in the blue truck. I had never gotten an interpretation for that first tornado dream, even though it was years ago. During that period in my life the Lord was just starting to take me into the deeper things of God, showing me about the prophetic and who I am in Him. That is when I laid my head in His lap in real life – I hid myself in God, and He covered me with His comforter, His Holy Spirit. He lifted me out of the world and into HIS world.

The first tornado dream took me out of me and hid me in God. The second tornado dream is going to do the same thing…but not just for me! It will be for both me and Darryl, and for Kingdom Promoters Ministry.

I realized the tornadoes I saw in this morning’s dream were white tornadoes, not black. This means good for us, not ill. They are coming fast and the first one will hit with power, changing our course here in the earth realm. The second one will lift us up higher into the heavenlies than we have ever been.

Sounds like Revival to me!

Enjoy the ride!

Edie Bayer

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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