Be God-People! We are being watched!

Recently the Lord put me smack in the middle of Luke. The very first verse of Chapter 14 states that while Jesus was eating dinner at the house of one of the ruling Pharisees, “…that they were [engaged in] watching Him [closely].”

Wow! The Pharisees had absolutely nothing better to do than to watch Jesus to see if He messed up!  They were actually expecting it, and were ready to pounce on Him the instant they saw or heard anything that was not in accordance with their standards.

This immediately resonated in my soul! We, the people of God here on the earth right now, are being watched closely, too! We are being watched by the leading rulers of the Pharisees of this hour to see if we are going to mess up. We are supping with them – on the airwaves, through the internet, on television and by every other sort of media – especially social media.

There are Pharisees who have nothing better to do than to watch you to see if you are going to mess up. Don’t give them that pleasure, please! We must know that they are waiting to pounce on us just as they waited to pounce on Jesus. We must understand their tactics, side-step their traps and avoid their pitfalls, just as Jesus did.

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This means we must know our stuff!  We must know the word, speak it, write it and live it! We must walk out our faith according to the word! We can no longer afford to be slipshod in our faith. We can no longer be lax in our ethics and standards. We cannot walk according to the flesh, nor can we do what we think is best any longer.  We simply MUST walk the walk, talk the talk, and live the word…because people are watching us!

We can no longer support or follow leaders who do not operate, vote or legislate by Biblical standards, regardless of race or sex.  We cannot simply follow “our conscience” – unless it lines up with the Bible. The leaders we choose MUST uphold the Biblical standards placed by God Himself on the value of human life; Biblical standards for marriage and the family, as well as Biblical standards for virtually every facet of our lives.  Our leaders are framing our future – as individuals, as cities and as a nation. We must choose well. We must choose the Bible…because people are watching us!

We can no longer be double-minded, nor can we be hypocrites – and many of us have been both. We absolutely must get our flesh out of the way! It is time to be “God-people”: those He created to be His ambassadors in this earth realm, bringing heaven to earth and destroying the works of the Devil.

People are watching us! If they are not seeing the representation of God in the earth, what are they seeing? Let’s get it right! Let’s be God-people, those that look, act and love like Him in the earth realm.

Edie Bayer

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Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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