You Have Permission to By-Pass Protocol!

During worship, I received a very powerful word of knowledge in a vision. God showed me that someone’s lungs were obviously cancerous and then I heard the word, “BREATHE!” As this vision progressed, one lung was completely healed, as he or she was in the presence of God – breathing in Jesus’ presence.

Since I had just gotten back from Hawaii and had not been to church for a while, I hesitated to go up to the Pastor and say anything to him. I know it’s wrong – call it fear of man – but I didn’t want to be “that person”. Since I am in service so irregularly, I try to maintain a low profile. I just worship Jesus, get visions and prophetic downloads, hug everybody and go home.

But this day was different. Everything in me was screaming to let this word of knowledge out! I fought with my inner self, not wanting to look “like that”, but knowing for sure this was a God-word. It was such a struggle I started desperately looking for someone in leadership to give the word to!  I saw the Pastor’s wife. Surely she would be able to give the word of knowledge. Sadly, I couldn’t think of her name! I didn’t want to sidle up to her, “Hi, I have a word of knowledge! What’s your name again?” What kind of a prophet is that? Oh, my gosh! What was I going to do?

The Pastor stood and started to speak. I stared at him intensely, WILLING him to give the word himself! After all, there is only one God and one Holy Spirit (see Ephesians 4:4-5)! He started to talk about healing presence in the room, and I mentally cheered him on, yes, the lungs, the breath, the healing … GO!

But then he stopped, the music ended, and the moment passed. I had lost the battle. I never gave the word. Weeping inside, disappointed in myself, I determined I would never do that again. I decided to find out the proper way to get a prophetic word to the Pastor.

At the end of service, I spoke with him. Graciously, he said that I should have given the word because there was cancer in the room. I confessed I didn’t want to look “like that”… to be “that person”. He then gave me some great advice: “You’d better get over that!” He also mentioned that he was aware of typical church protocol, but then said, “You have permission to by-pass protocol!”

That phrase went off inside of me like fireworks! I knew I was hearing directly from my Abba-Father!

It is time to by-pass protocol! It is time to stand up and BE the FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY (see Ephesians 4:11). We must allow Jesus to use us to invade other church cultures! We must allow God to put us into another stream if He so desires. We must politely ignore man’s do’s and don’ts – to allow Holy Spirit to do His thing.

We must operate in our gifts, both inside the house of God, and out – regardless of others’ denominational restrictions and beliefs. I have prayed for dozens of people at Walmart, the grocery store and at the mall, and never asked what religion they are. Jesus’ wonder-working power (see Psalm 77:14) is not restricted because they don’t believe in it! Watch Him work!

We simply MUST be the spiritual grown-ups that God has raised. We must break loose of the bondage of religion – by-pass protocol – and not care what others think of us, just like David danced before the Ark (2 Samuel 6:14), blowing every religious mindset of his day. We must realize that God has placed unique gifts and talents inside of us to do the works of the ministry until He comes back to get us (see Ephesians 4:12)…and not let man stop us with his religious rules and regulations.

God has trained us. It is time to operate outside ‘the Charismatic church’. Last week I went to a Presbyterian church with a friend. We ministered to many, sitting at our lunch table in their cafeteria. These people were not familiar with the prophetic or healing prayer. They had no idea who I was but were hungry for the deeper things of God. “Proper Protocol” would never have allowed for inner-healing and prophetic ministry at a Presbyterian church, especially at the lunch table!

Then, while walking through the parking lot, we saw two women who were standing together talking. I greeted one, and as we chatted, I knew I had to pray for her. The longer I waited, the more my stomach knotted up. Finally, it was so tight all I could do was squeak out, “CAN I PRAY FOR YOU?” As soon as I touched her she began weeping because the spirit fell. Laughing through her tears, she cried, “I’m leaking!” Her friend gladly received prayer also, confessing she silently asked God, “Please, God! Let her pray for me, too! I want that!”  Parking Lot Prophets are warned against in Charismatic circles; however, by-passing that protocol produced amazing God-results!

Sometimes we simply have to stand up and give the Word that the Lord has imparted to us – whether others like it or not! In the instance above, this word-of-knowledge about cancer would have been welcomed – but having been subject to “proper church protocol” for so long, I was reluctant to stand up and release it. Having been bashed in the past, I didn’t want the leadership to view me negatively, usurping “proper protocol”, because I thought I was “somebody”. Listen, family – when God chooses to use a vessel, He uses whomsoever He desires, and doesn’t ask for permission!

Lastly, we need to pour out the revelation that has been given to us. I know a couple that has been “doing church” alone at their dining room table for years because they had grown so weary of “man’s church”. Just recently they started back again. The first two weeks went well, but the most recent visit created complaints about stories-being-told versus word-being-preached. I suggested that perhaps the Lord had placed them there not to GET but to GIVE.

This couple is full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. I proposed that God may have placed them at this particular church to pour out from their abundant reservoir of revelation, obtained from having sat at the feet of the Father for so long. This provoked them to re-think the reason they went back! They realized they didn’t NEED any more food…instead they need to BE manna for others.

You have permission to bypass the protocols that are keeping you from ministering the light of Jesus everywhere you go, every day, in every way!  You are the manna! Be bold and very courageous (see Joshua 1:9)! Pray for people. Lay hands on the sick. Speak in tongues. Bless people, speak scripture and watch disciples being born in other church cultures! Hallelujah!

Blessings and Abundance!

Edie Bayer



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Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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