You CAN because you are CALLED!

In a vision recently Jesus was striding toward me.  He was walking purposefully, wearing His crown, and carrying something on his arm.  As I looked, I realized He had a robe over his arm, a crown in his hand and in his other hand he held a scepter.  I jumped because He was walking straight toward me!

Suddenly, the verse in Esther where the King asks Haman what He should do to honor Mordecai (whose name means overcoming, crushing victory) jumped into my head.  This is where Haman (whose name means ‘adversary’) tells the King how to honor Mordecai with a royal horse, royal apparel and royal crown (see Esther 6:7-9).  I had a revelation in that split second: the enemy KNOWS what the Lord wants to give you!

You see, your royal robe, your crown and your scepter are your AUTHORITY to rule and reign in the Kingdom.  When you put on your garments of authority, you look like Him, and have His authority to rule and reign!  The enemy will stop at nothing to keep you from receiving your royal apparel, your crown and your scepter.  Instead, his desire is to put you on the gallows which he has already arrogantly constructed to hang you (see Esther 5:14).  Yet, these are the same gallows upon which he was hung himself (see Esther 7:9)!  Think about it!  This is a prophetic picture of what is to come!

The enemy knows what God wants to give us!  Why don’t we?  It has taken me years of walking in the Kingdom to receive this revelation from God.  It is for such a time as this!  We must know our identity which is our authority for this season in history.

“And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?” (Esther 4:14).

I received another amazingly clear revelation from God.  I saw Jesus standing on the water, with his hand outstretched.  I then saw Peter step out of the boat onto the water.  I suddenly had the heart knowledge that Peter COULD walk on the water because Jesus called him to do it!  Our theology tries to make it so difficult!  I have heard crazy stories, such as Jesus had to make the water hard under Peter’s feet, or the water was actually the word.  Our focus has been on the water, when it needed to be on the CALL!  The simple fact is he COULD because he was called!  He was called to do it, so he could!

“And Peter answered Him, Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.  He said, Come! So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, and he came toward Jesus,” (Matt. 14:28-29).


Get that in your spirit!  You CAN because you are CALLED!  It was FEAR and DOUBT coming from the enemy that stopped him (see Matt. 14:30).  Jesus says you can, so you can!  He has stretched out His hand to you, and called your name saying, “Come!” No more doubt!  No more fear!

While ministering up in Canada (Can-ada!), I received a vision of Jesus sitting on a park bench, lounging, with His arms stretched out on the back of the seat, legs crossed.  He sat there a while, casually turning his head first one way, and then the other.  I got the impression He was people watching.  I asked Him, “What are you doing?”  He said, “I am just looking at my creation…the people, the birds.”  He sat there for so long that, even in the vision, I became uncomfortable.  I finally said, “What can I do to get you to stand up?”  His head whipped around to look straight at me, and with piercing eyes, He said, “That’s not the question.  The question is, ‘What can I do to get YOU to stand up?’”

He told me to hold my hands out, palms up, to receive.  I did, and He placed there a staff…a walking stick, called a mattah in Hebrew.  As Jehovah Sneaky would have it, earlier in the day before this vision, a leader in Canada “accidentally” texted me Strong’s definition of ‘mattah’.  We know that God does nothing accidentally, but at that moment I didn’t really think much of it.  I just read the definition in my text messages, thinking it was interesting.  Little did I know that Jesus caused that “accident”!

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance*

rod, staff, tribe

Or (feminine) mattah {mat-taw’}; from natah; a branch (as extending); figuratively, a tribe; also a rod, whether for chastising (figuratively, correction), ruling (a sceptre), throwing (a lance), or walking (a staff; figuratively, a support of life, e.g. Bread) — rod, staff, tribe.

When Jesus – The Branch, The Bread of Life, The Mattah – put that staff in my hands, He gave me Himself, along with everything I need to walk this walk and to rule with AUTHORITY!  He is my scepter for ruling and reigning as His tribe of the first born sons.  Now, He is giving YOU this same mattah – He is giving Himself to you!  Hold out your hands to receive!  Here comes your AUTHORITY!

You have all you need to overcome, to rule, to reign, and to walk the walk of authority in this season.  It has been given to you by Jesus Himself.  You are hand selected, hand-picked, sanctified and set apart for His Kingdom purposes.  Put on your royal robes and hold that scepter high!  Knowing your identity in this season is crucial.  So, know yours, and rule like you mean it!

Edie Bayer



October 13th-14th

Friday 7PM, doors open 6pm

Saturday, 11 AM and 2PM.  Free Author Seminar on Saturday 5PM

The Real You, with Victoria Boyson, Edie Bayer, Grace Cruz, Teresa Comparin and Michelle Bollom

22628 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX  77387

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October 28th, 9a-5p

The Outpouring Women’s Conference

Edie Bayer, Grace Cruz, John Tenney,

Bayview Golf Course Banquet Room

45-285 Kaneohe Bay Dr. – Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

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November 11th, 10a, 2p, 7p

FLOW San Antonio!

Edie Bayer, Grace Cruz, Eddie and Yana Torregrosa, Michelle Ahlswede,

Teresa Comparin and William Dillon

New Beginnings Church,

12107 Topperwein Live Oak, TX. 78233

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November 12th

5:30 PM, House meeting

Sherri and Mark Kirklin

708 Churchill Farms Dr

Georgetown TX  78626

(512) 417-6358





Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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