Fellowship – The Key to Everything?

Kell and Monica
I love Kell Bales’ heart for God.  I asked him if I could post this word, because it’s really that good!  This speaks directly to the heart of home groups and “doing life together”.
Fellowship – the key to everything?
By Kell Bales, Shift Forward Fellowship, San Angelo, TX
You have probably read or heard the Mark Twain saying, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” — I feel it signifies that it is not always the physical size that matters, but the condition of the heart in the given situation.
I have recently taken this saying, and put my own spin on it: “it is not the size of the group in your fellowship, it is the size of the fellowship in your group.”  Let me explain.
Shift Forward Fellowship was birthed a little over three years ago and is primarily comprised of about 10 to 15 regular attendees from several churches.  It is not a church in the conventional sense (we are the Ekklēsia however); it is simply a group of like-minded individuals, seeking after the presence & the heart of the Father. It is a fellowship designed to increase our relationship, share how to root our identity as sons & daughters, and walk out the fact we ARE seated in Heavenly places.  Miracles, signs, & wonders flow out of this atmosphere of His presence.
The Lord put on my heart about three years ago, we are entering in what I would essentially call “The Relationship Age.” Many say that we are in the Kingdom Age — which I completely agree — a Heaven-on-Earth movement (Matthew 6:10), shifting our paradigms from linear thinking (inside a box) to exponential, wide open, unrestricted application (what box?).  It is a vertical relationship with Daddy in Heaven through his son Jesus Christ and enabled by the Holy Spirit, while we simultaneously are horizontally relating to His creation here on Earth.  Just as scientists have recently discovered that light is both a particle and a wave — discovered through quantum mechanics — these particles & waves exist in perpendicular planes simultaneously … just as our relationships should.
As my relationship grows with the Lord, the more and more simplistic it becomes.  It all boils down to the condition of the heart — are you walking in (agape) love?  In multiple verses, the entire gospel is wrapped up into two commandments: “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind … and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt 22:37-39 NLT).  Interesting, that as they are applied simultaneously, we see this light wave/particle metaphor come to life – perpendicular planes of love!
In order to carry out these commandments, it takes relationship — relationship with our Heavenly Father and relationship with His creation.  Although I can unconditionally love my “neighbor” as I was originally created to do, how much more exciting is it if I start a relationship with them?  Loving your “neighbor,” but never fellowshipping with them would be boring and we could be missing out on so many neat opportunities.  Just imagine if you literally lived next door to the greatest “xyz” ever – maybe a favorite sports player, war hero, long-lost relative – yet never knew it.
I feel fellowship is key to unlock many of the mysteries that exist today — mysteries of Heaven and of Earth.  I want to encourage the smaller fellowships today: Do not be concerned about the size of the group in your fellowship … focus on the size of the fellowship in your group! The word says, ask, seek, knock!  Step into the “Relationship Age” today – seek healthy relationships, carve out time to fellowship with one another, and #ShiftForward!
Kell & Monica Bales currently live in San Angelo, Texas, and are the leaders of Shift Forward Fellowship.  SFF is an apostolic fellowship where they let the Holy Spirit do what He does best – point to the Love of the Father.  Even though it’s a very small group that meets in the basement of the church where they both currently serve (both serve in children’s ministry & Kell occasionally tickles ivories on the worship team), Daddy is sending incredible global Kingdom builders to “sleepy ‘ole West Texas” to help fan the revival fires … why?  Because Kell & Monica simply said, “yes, Jesus, here we are!”  SFF: Revolutionary Revelation – Real Encounters – Real People – Real Results … in Real Time!  ¡Fuego!

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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