Confirmation Conversation

Confirmation Conversation

On the way home from ministering in Louisiana recently, my husband and I met a man in the grocery store.  This man had been to our house before, since he worked for the propane company.  He had delivered propane to our house, and when he came to the door, I prayed for his knees to be healed. They were.  He said that he wanted to go back to church.  We invited him to church, but never saw him again, until that day.

We had left Louisiana early, due to impending weather.  My husband, Darryl, didn’t want to get stuck there with potential flooding, even though we were enjoying fellowship with the Apostles of the house.  We left around 1:30 PM, headed back to Houston.  We drove straight through, but there were some traffic slowdowns because of weather, even though we left early.

We stopped at a grocery store on our way home to get something for dinner.  Darryl was pretty insistent that we go to a particular grocery store, and not the other one across the street.  I didn’t care.  I just wanted to go home, eat and go to bed.

We had just gone down the potato chip aisle, and were on our way to the cash register.  This man, whose face I recognized but couldn’t remember from where, was smiling at us.  He had on a company shirt – from our propane company.  Suddenly, I realized who he was: the propane delivery truck driver for whom I had prayed months before.  At that time, his knee was really bad.  He was in a lot of pain and didn’t have the money for surgery.  I prayed for both of his knees and Jesus healed him.  That was why I recognized him.

I said to him, “We prayed for you at our house.”  I could tell he instantly recognized us – I saw it come over his face.  He walked over, and in a conspiratorial tone, looking around, he said he wasn’t the same man that he was months earlier.  He said that he had a new friend; he called him Jesus.

As he talked, I recognized that a bona fide encounter had occurred with this man.  He had been with Jesus!  The more he talked, the more I realized that the Lord had directed our paths to cross at THAT grocery store at that very moment!   Had we gone to the other store, we would have missed him.  Had we left our friends’ church any later, or earlier, we would have missed this divine intersection in time – a KAIROS moment!  Even at that, the Lord had to control the weather and the traffic flow for over five-hours so that we could meet this man and have this absolutely incredible “Confirmation Conversation”!

As we stood in the grocery aisle with people passing by, this man repeated things that Jesus had told him in these encounters, things that Darryl and I had discussed in the car on our trip home that day!  He also told us things that Jesus talked to him about that we had just experienced within the last two days.  The most incredible part of the “Confirmation Conversation” was he directly addressed my newest assignment from the Lord – learning how to communicate through the spirit, without words, and teaching others to do the same.  As soon as I realized that what he was saying was straight from the throne room, I was hanging on his every word!

He told us that he saw Jesus every time his eyes were closed – Jesus came to him every night in his sleep. 

“In a dream, a vision of the night, When sound sleep falls on men, While they slumber in their beds, Then He opens the ears of men, And seals their instruction…(Job 33:15-16).”

He said that in these encounters, Jesus communicated to him in thought, without moving his lips.

When Jesus perceived their thoughts, he answered them…(Luke 5:22)”

Jesus said that this silent communication was done through LOVE, and there is incredible power in LOVE.   He told us that words are not necessary!  As soon as we THINK a thought, it is manifested in the heavenly realm.  That is why it is so important to guard our thoughts!  We must use our hands to pull it down into this atmosphere.

He said that Jesus really does refer to God as “The Father”.  Jesus said to him, “God said it is very important to pray to Him and ask Him to relieve you of any thought that is contrary to unconditional love.”

“Anyone who does not love (agape) does not know God, because God is love (agape) (1 John 4:8).”

He said that Jesus used a mustard seed as a tool, a metaphor, because there is no way to measure faith (see Matthew 17:20).  He said people totally misunderstood that metaphor, but that was the smallest thing that He could use! It was an ancient society, and Jesus couldn’t talk to them about microscopes, and scientific things at the cellular level, because they hadn’t seen them yet.  He used the tiniest possible thing they could understand.  He is showing us these things now because we have a much greater understanding.

There was so much more, but our time at the grocery store was up.  We invited this man to our home to share with us everything that Jesus said to him.  I long to hear the words of our Lord, knowing that they are given to me to confirm the intimate conversations that I personally have had with Him.

I believe the Lord is taking all of us to a new place, allowing us to explore other dimensions that He has created.  There is a reason that He is speaking to us about communicating without words, by the Spirit and through the Spirit. There is also a reason why He is introducing us to these concepts at this moment in time.  I am open to finding out ALL that The Father has for me!  How about you?

Edie Bayer,



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Accessing the Secrets in the Secret Place

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Los Angeles and San Diego with Angela Benjamin Fox

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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