Access to the Anointing: The Bride and The Guard

20170428_123516[1]Access to The Anointing: The Bride and The Guard

In prayer recently, I went into a vision.  I saw myself with my head bowed, surrounded by huge angels.  I was so tiny in the center of this circle of enormous angels.  As I watched, I started to grow, and grow, and grow, until I was the same size as them!  I saw myself turn to walk and my footsteps were loud and crashing.  I felt like Gulliver – a giant!  I heard God say to me, “You are bigger than you think you are.”

I am here to tell you now – You are MUCH bigger than you think you are in the spirit realm!  You are a giant among angels.  You have incredible authority and earth shattering power! Remember – it is the anointing that breaks the yoke (Is. 10:27).  You must learn to access your anointing.

I had a vision of a bride’s hand writing on a scroll.  I knew it was a bride because of the long white glove that was hooked over one finger.  I leaned in to see what was on the scroll, and as she furiously penned her words, writing as quickly as she could, the words looked like music notes; yet, somehow I knew they were Hebrew letters!  Suddenly, she stood, and rolled up the scroll.  I could see her in all her beauty in her wedding gown.  She handed the scroll to “The Guard”, and ran out of the room.

The Guard looked like a medieval knight, covered in black armor.  He stood motionless against the wall.  I thought of the guards at Buckingham Palace – nothing moves them!  He stood, as if I wasn’t there – his steely, masked face facing straight in front of him.

I turned to the Lord and asked Him what was on the scroll.

He said, “Access to the Anointing!”

I was in awe! “How do I get what is on the scroll?  How do I get access to the anointing?”

God said, “ASK The Guard!”

Pondering this, I saw myself walk up to The Guard.  I could see the scroll held tightly in his armored fingers, tucked in close to his body.  He was guarding and protecting it.

Cocking my head, I timidly said to The Guard, “Can I access the anointing?”

Nothing happened.  Not sure I had asked the right way, I thought, “Maybe I needed to DECREE it…or DECLARE it…or even COMMAND him to give it to me.”

I opened my mouth, deciding to DECLARE it.  The very second that I did, as soon as I heard, “I D…” come out of my mouth, something happened!  It was as if I went down a chute, or a slide, and I found myself in another dimension!

In this place, I saw the bride twirling, spinning like a top.  I could only see her from above, as if I was looking down at her from the ceiling.  I recognized her crown as she spun quickly in place.  It was silver with a pewter look to it, and there were strips of metal that hung down from it with symbols on them.  As she spun, the centrifugal force made the metal strips lift into the air.  I focused on them, and I caught glimpses of the symbols, but they went by so fast that I could only make out a few.

I saw something that looked like an “M” with an apostrophe next to it, and a daisy-flower icon.  There was also something similar to a triangle.  These icons appeared to be engraved, or embedded, in her crown, and were easily distinguishable; however, she was twirling so quickly that I could only see a few symbols as they sped past.

In searching out these symbols, God showed me these were Hebrew letters.  Initially, I couldn’t find a Hebrew letter that looked like an “M”, but the Spirit of God revealed to me that since I was overhead looking down at her, I was seeing the letter upside down on the crown.  The “M” was actually an upside-down SHIN, which looks like a “W”.  I recognized the apostrophe as a “YOD”, and the triangle was a Dalet.  The only symbol that I could not find was the flower – there are no Hebrew letters that look like a daisy that I found.

Digging deeper, as I followed this Holy Ghost bread-crumb trail, I located “The Flower of Shushan”.  It is tied to the Hebrew language, and to its ‘aleph-bet’.  I cannot get into all the depth of what it means relative to the Hebrew alphabet, because it is deep!  Just one of its meanings, however, is that it appeared on pillars that held up buildings in Shushan – at one time the capital of Babylon.  This is where Esther and King Xerxes lived, in the city of Shushan (Esther 1:2,5; 2:3; 3:15; 9:11).

Once I found this, I was able to interpret the vision and its symbols.  The Hebrew letters and symbols can mean many things, and therefore to him who wishes to dig, much more can be gleaned.  However, here are the symbols, with just one of their many meanings, as the Holy Spirit led:

YUD – Work, A Deed, To Make; also, Constancy (when it appears before another letter, as here)

SHIN – To Consume, or to Destroy, as in FIRE (or teeth)

Flower – Symbol upon Pillars (of society, of governmental authority, in the Babylonian culture)

DALET – Door, Pathway, to Enter; Abide

I received a download from Heaven that the letters and symbols engraved on her crown are “medals of honor” – received through battle, forever engraved on her crown!  Don’t forget:  I only saw these four “medals”.  There were many more that I couldn’t see.

I do not pretend to be a Hebrew scholar.  All that I do is guided by the Holy Spirit.  I believe the Lord was speaking TO His Bride ABOUT His Bride!  This is what I believe He was saying:

It is our JOB (our work, our deed – to make ourselves) to constantly be on fire (or to chew up and spit out, to destroy) and consume anything that is attached to the PILLARS (of faith in our lives and in our realms of authority); to stay on the path in order to enter into (through the door) and abide with Him, our Bridegroom, in these quickly accelerating (end) times. 

In order to do that, we need to have ACCESS to the ANOINTING, because it is the anointing that breaks the yoke (Is. 10:27)!  Our Father is teaching us how to access it.  In order to get it from the GUARD, we His Bride, simply must first, BELIEVE, and second, DECLARE that we have it.

Once we grasp how simple this TRUTH truly is, and get past the LIE of the enemy that we are not anointed, the very instant that we open our mouths to start declaring things, we will be immediately transported into another dimension – the spiritual realm, where we are GIANTS AMONG ANGELS — and well able to destroy anything that stands against us!

Now open your mouth!  Declare it!

Edie Bayer



Friday, May 19th 

Southern Gate Church

Jill and Hardy Jones

12053 D’Iberville Blvd,

D’Iberville MS


Sunday, May 21st

As One United in Christ Fellowship

Apostle Mike & Susan Barnett

Valerie Voelker 225-933-8558

30915 Barnett Lane

Denham Springs, LA


Friday, May 26th – Sunday, May 28th


8173 HWY 21 S.


Friday May 26th  7PM – with Apostle William Dillon

Free Author Seminar Sat 10AM

Saturday May 27th 6PM – Prophetic Impartation and Activation

Sunday May 28th 10AM – Church



Tues. May 30th

10AM and 1PM

Christ the Healer Ministries

Min. Katy Tosh

Ministry Prayer House

2163 Wildwood Dr.,

Macon GA  (478) 474-9793



Weds. May 31st

7PM Home Meeting

353 Bobby Griner Rd

Moultrie, GA 31768

Info: (229) 941-5253


Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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