Safety of Our Circumstances

20160303_121238Feeding our bunnies a couple days ago, one of the youngsters was so anxious for the food that it was standing on its hind legs, with its paws on the cage door.  I opened the cage, expecting it to step back, but instead it lost its balance and fell out onto the ground.  I quickly grabbed it and put it back in the cage, and it joined its brothers and sisters at the food bowl. 

This morning, another of the cages had a similar incident.  This time, I was able to just push it back inside, before it had the opportunity to fall.

Coming out of my mouth, and my heart, was this:

“You need to stay inside your cage, little bunny.  There are things out here that want to eat you.  The cage is not to keep you IN, but to keep them OUT!”

That word went off inside of me, resonating so strongly!  I believe it is a Word from the Lord for some.  If you feel like you are caged in, that you are tied up, frustrated with circumstances that simply will not let you advance, perhaps it is God keeping you safe!

Sometimes we are so anxious and impatient for the “food” that we know is coming – revival – that we stand up and push against the door, or are even pounding on it for it to open.  Sometimes, it’s not the right door!  Or, perhaps, we are simply not ready, and lose our balance, falling into some ditch of doctrine.  Thankfully we have a God that will pick us up off the ground, and put us back into safety with our brothers and sisters, at the right food bowl for us!  

Remember, the enemy prowls about, roaring like a lion, looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).  God may have you in a “safe place”, sequestered even, to keep you from being eaten up!  By keeping you IN, He is keeping the enemy OUT!

If this is you, praise God, and thank Him for the safety of your circumstances!  He is deliberately keeping you safe, and in the fullness of time – in God’s timing – He will let you out to run free!


Edie Bayer

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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