Singularity – Three Head Lights


Singularity – Three Head Lights

Driving home the other night, I got on the freeway and saw a single headlight coming up behind me.  Initially I thought it was a motorcycle, but soon realized that it was a car with a missing headlight.  It actually gave me a scare initially, because I wasn’t expecting a car.  I quickly shrugged it off because it’s not that uncommon in a major city like Houston to see cars with missing parts, from front ends to bumpers, so a headlight wasn’t that unusual.

However, when I got closer to my house, I saw two more cars with only one headlight, literally back to back.   Now THAT was unusual!  I saw THREE cars with just one headlight on my drive home.  As I pondered this event, I realized that God was speaking to me!

I asked the Lord, “God, what are you trying to tell me?”  I didn’t get an immediate response, but the “three headlights” encounter simply wouldn’t leave me.  I have been meditating on this for days, feeling the weightiness of this prophetic sign, praying and waiting for clarification from the Lord.

During worship recently I was taken into an encounter.  The Lord said, “Come up here.”  As I focused on the light I saw with my eyes closed, it got brighter and brighter, and I saw the headlight of a car – a single headlight that was round and bright.   The funny thing is that the headlight of the car I saw turned into the moon as I focused on it.  Next, I saw Jesus’ hands, and I realized He was holding the moon.  I saw Jesus seated, sitting cross-legged on the ground with the moon in His two hands.  His face was lit up by the reflection of it, and He was beautiful!  It occurred to me that Israel’s calendar is set to the moon, and the moon is in Jesus’ hands!

During worship I also heard the word, “SINGULARITY”.  I had no idea what it meant, but I figured it had to do with the single-headlights.  I looked it up as soon as I could, and found this:

The term Singularity has many definitions. The everyday English definition of Singularity is a noun that designates the quality of being one of a kind, strange, unique, remarkable or unusual. For a more specific definition of Singularity we can search The Wiktionary where we get the following: the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual.

We, the people of God, are SINGULARITY! We are a peculiar people (1 Peter 2:9)! We are aliens (1 Peter 2:11), strangers in a strange land! In Exodus 2:22, Moses names his son Gershom, for he said, “I have been a stranger in a strange land.”

I also heard “head-lights”, like a bulb came on in my head, as two separate words.    I hadn’t thought of them in that manner before, just as car parts – headlights, not Head-Lights!  God was speaking about lights in my head, ie, “the light bulb coming on”!  What I really think is that He wants us to get it through our heads that He is the Light!

I felt in my spirit that we should really focus on Jesus, that He is the singular purpose for which God created us!  I also felt strongly in my spirit that the Lord was saying for us to really FOCUS on Him and on our purpose – to have laser sharp, FOCUSED SINGULAR VISION —  that we are created for something SPECIFIC, for a special, singular PURPOSE.  A lot of us have been running around with a “shot-gun mentality” – if we do enough stuff, we’re bound to hit something!  I believe that God wants us to stop and focus on what He is saying, find our purpose and seek it for all we are worth, with everything we have!

It also came to me during the encounter that the number three is significant, as is the number one.  One stands for God, and three is the Trinity, us conforming to the image of Christ.  As I soaked in the Lord’s presence, He began to show me that the number three and the number one all work together…Father, Son and Holy Spirit – all in one God!  He went on to give me multiple examples – one sun, one moon, one earth, yet all three work in tandem.  He mentioned there are many stars, and many galaxies, but only one planet with life.

He explained that there is one King, one Queen (the Bride), and one Kingdom, yet they are inseparable.  One body, one soul and one spirit comprise the whole man.

He also talked to me about the Tallit…there was a man in front of me wearing a tallit, and as I watched him put it over his head for his prayer closet, I wished in my heart that I had one.    Just as my head tilted forward to pray, I heard the Lord say, “You have one,” as my hair fell around my face, forming my own personal tallit!   The Word says that a woman’s hair is her glory (1 Cor. 11:15)!  I got the full revelation of that today – the light came on for me, giving me full clarity of this verse.

Lastly, speaking of His Light, His marvelous Light…I believe that God is talking to us, saying He is our light!  The Lord showed me the vision of Jesus’ face reflecting the light of the moon, His prize Israel, shining brightly in His hands.  I felt the Spirit say that just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, Jesus reflects the light of the Father, and we reflect the light of Jesus – as He holds us in His hands!

Three combined into One — Singularity.

So the more unusual you are, the more peculiar you are, the more one of a kind, strange, unique, remarkable or unusual you are…the more you are His prize and the more you look like Him, reflecting His image!

Shine On!


Edie Bayer




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Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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