Miracles Under the “Big Top”!

tentMiracles under the Big Top!

Darryl and I ministered at a tent revival this past weekend in the Austin area.  We had so many miracles happen it was unbelievable…but we believe!!

A lady who was 75% deaf in one ear and 50% deaf in the other regained hearing

Spinal stenosis – cured!

A man got a new back, new shoulder and grew several inches

Legally Blind – said she could see 50% better!!

Crushed pelvis – healed

Crushed knee, wrist and shoulder – healed

3-stroke victim – legs grown out and able to lift his knees – not able to before Jesus healed him!  Previously had felt tingling and numbness in his leg, healed!

Fibromyalgia healed

Depression gone

Diabetes gone, new pancreas (several!)

3-people received tongues

Dozens of prophetic words and words of knowledge, and so many more miracles happened, I cannot even recount them all. 

So many new smiles, smiles that had been buried under pain!  When the pain left, the smiles returned!

God still heals!  Jesus is AWESOME!!!

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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