A Season of Extraordinary Warfare

pork-spare-ribs (1)I was working in my kitchen just now getting pork ribs ready to go into the oven.  They were too big for the pan I was using, so I grabbed a knife to cut some off.  I stopped and pondered for a moment where I was going to put the pieces I cut off, since I’d never had a rack of ribs quite this large and had never had to do it before.  At the same time I was thinking about someone whose spouse has had some health issues.  This person recently said that it will be a season of physical warfare for them.

I heard the Lord say, “It is going to be a Season of Extraordinary Warfare!”

Woman of great faith that I am, I spouted something that must have sounded like Peter…“Oh – NO, LORD!”

He said, “Not like you think!  It will be good!”

I didn’t understand how “extraordinary warfare” could ever be good, and I certainly was not looking forward to it!

Graciously He explained, “Look at the ribs you are cutting because they are too big for the pan!”  At that VERY instant I was in process of slicing off about 8-inches of ribs that hung over the side of the pan. “Those are ‘Spare Ribs’ – leftovers!  You have taken something that is ordinary, bigger than it needs to be and used it.”

He went on, “This will be a time of super-abundance, a time of utilizing the ORDINARY to overcome – it will then become the EXTRA-Ordinary!”

I started thinking of all the applications this has for this season.  Mundane, ordinary tasks will become EXTRA-Ordinary warfare as we use them for God’s Glory!  Our daily commute becomes a time of warfare in the heavenlies as we become intentional and commit that time to Him!

If we believe we receive, right (Mk. 11:24)?  That means if we BELIEVE and we focus on it (making the power flow to it), people will be healed wherever our shadow falls – at the grocery store, at the gas pump and at school (Acts 5:15)!  This means when we pray for rain, we should grab our umbrellas!

My Pastor calls the offering “little preachers”…because every dollar bill is used in evangelism!  My ordinary, required tithe becomes an EXTRA-Ordinary weapon in the hands of those that God has equipped for that purpose!  Warfare!

Even something as simple as cutting off some excess meat can become a weapon in the hands of God!

The Lord will show you how to take the super-abundance of the ordinary, spare rib things of your life – “the leftovers” – and turn them into weapons of warfare for God.  They will then become utilized in this Season of EXTRA-Ordinary Warfare.

Edie Bayer

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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