rocket       I have felt really separated recently – cut off, actually.  It is as if God is pruning people out of my life and it hurts!   These are my friends, family and ministry associates that I have “grown up” with, people that I LOVE!  In addition I have been experiencing issues recently with hurting people unintentionally, offending people unintentionally, and misunderstandings.  Discussing these things with my husband yesterday as we went for a walk, I cried out to the Lord, asking Him, “WHY am I struggling with this at this stage in my ministry?”  I didn’t realize it then, but my question was also my answer!

See, since yesterday morning I have been hearing “STAGES….STAGES” in my spirit.  First, I overheard my musician husband yesterday speak to another musician on the phone about stages, and it has been rolling around in me since then.  This morning I was in the word, working on messages for my upcoming conferences.  Again I heard, “Stages…Stages” in my spirit.  My messages need to be about supernatural keys to unlock supernatural doors, so I discounted what I was hearing.  But it still wouldn’t go away!

So, thinking there was some kind of correlation between KEYS and STAGES I started researching the Hebrew language, as it is a code-cracker for all things Biblical.  I researched stages online in Hebrew, then stages of the Hebrew language leading to stages of the Jewish life cycle, but nothing resonated.  The whole time on the back of my mind was ‘rocket’, and something I remembered about the boosters that drop off.  Suddenly, I heard “STAGES” loudly in my spirit, and realized that STAGES are part of the rocket deployment process!

Researching that, I found there are typically four stages from rocket ship deployment to actual accomplishment of its goal.  This is where I realized that my question was actually my answer – and for some that are reading this it is yours, too!

STAGE ONE: Lift-off – Launching your career or your ministry.  In preparing for Lift-off you had to get to the launching site.  The launching site is the place where you continuously met with the Lord.  This is why you have heard God request that you meet Him in a “certain place”… just like Abraham did in Gen. 19:27, Jacob did in Gen. 28:16 (“…surely the Lord is in this place…”), Moses did with the ‘tent of meeting’ in Ex.33:7, and Jesus did by going to solitary places in Mark 1:35.  You studied to show yourself approved.  You yielded to God.  You met with God on His terms so He could craft you into a vessel — the ROCKET — that He could use to deliver a specific payload.  He maneuvered you into position, fully yielded to Him and ready to launch.  The FIRES burned, excitement reigned and then it was, “HOUSTON…We have Lift-off!!”   Woohoo!

Then came the FIRST STAGE SEPARATION — You set out on your own, officially launched, whether in business or ministry.  Your mentor or other encouragers and early supporters in your endeavors were separated from you.  You may have had a select few accompany you.  After all, not everyone can go to the top of the mountain, right?  Some have to stay at the base camp.  These that were left served a holy purpose, and hopefully they are mature enough to know that they were used of the Lord and they don’t feel used by you!

In my research I found this definition (credit for “LAUNCH VEHICLES”:

“Most current launch vehicles consist of two or more rockets or stages that are stacked on top of each other. The second stage (YOU) is on top of the first (YOUR MENTOR, PASTOR, TEACHER, etc.), and so on. The first stage is the one that lifts the rocket off the launch pad and is sometimes known also as a “booster” or “main stage”.  When the first stage runs out of propellant or has reached the desired altitude and velocity, its rocket engine is turned off and it is separated so that the subsequent stages do not have to propel unnecessary mass. Dropping away the useless weight of stages whose propellant has been expended means less powerful engines can be used to continue the acceleration, which means less propellant has to be carried, which in turn means more payload can be placed into orbit (emphasis mine).”

Did you catch that?  MORE PAYLOAD CAN BE PUT INTO ORBIT!  Listen!  Human beings didn’t come up with this stuff!  God did!  Come on you Main Stages, Thruster Rockets and Boosters!  You are LAUNCHING GOD’S ROCKETS!  It’s about the Payload!

SECOND STAGE SEPARATION – Fairing Separation – A fairing is used to protect a satellite or other payload (YOU, YOUR MINISTRY and/or CAREER) during launch.  These “FAIRINGS” are the people that you took WITH YOU up the mountain!  These are those that God sent with you to protect you, exhort you, support you and help you.  However, there is no longer any need for these FAIRINGS.  He is your protection (Ps. 59:9), your vindicator (Job 19:25), your justifier (Rom. 3:26 NKJV) and your shield (Ps. 5:12).

According to my research this morning, this second stage separation occurs while the rocket is traveling at a pace literally faster than a speeding bullet!  This means that while you are ministering — during your ACCELERATION – you may be getting ready to be separated again!  Can somebody say PRUNING?

That is why it hurts so much, because it’s pruning!  God is cutting away the GOOD to make room for the BEST.  He requires the very best, strongest and fastest rockets to deliver His Godly payloads!  As a prophet, I know that if I am experiencing it, others are or will be as well.  There is nothing uncommon to the body.  This means I know for certain that there are times in your life and in your ministry that God will set you into position and launch you seemingly just to separate you — repeatedly — over and over, until you deliver His payload that you are carrying!

I have to realize that at certain times I am the main stage and not ON the main stage!  Sometimes I am the “booster rocket”, and sometimes I am the “fairing”.  I am NOT always the satellite!  And neither are you!  You are used of the Lord to perform His good pleasure!

 “…for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”   Phil. 2:13 NASB


Sometimes you are delivering the payload, and other times you will be helping others to deliver theirs!  Either way, it’s God’s will, and you are smack-dab in the middle of it.

LAST STAGE SEPARATION:  Payload Separation – When you deliver the goods, or accomplish whatever it is that God has instructed you to do, for His glory.  This would be whatever God created you to be and to do – Evangelist, Teacher, Mother, Prophet, Administrator, Waiter, Real Estate Investor…

This is where you deliver the gift of eternal Life, teach about Him, love with His love, prophesy about Him, administrate His works, serve them up, invest in His Kingdom or whatever God has called you to deliver on His behalf…Kingdom Payload in the Name of Jesus.

It may hurt for a short time to be pruned.  However, God knows exactly what you need to become the very best rocket you can possibly be.  He also knows who else needs you to become the very best so that they can become the very best that they can be, too!  He will align you and re-align you until your payload and theirs is delivered.  So THRUST!

Edie Bayer



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Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

3 thoughts on “Stages”

  1. awesome and accurate…..I remember being in this very same place at one time in my walk,it was so painful. Yet it worked for my good. Continue to let God use you.

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