Missions Investing



Dear Friends and Partners of Kingdom Promoters Ministry:

May GRACE and PEACE be given you in increasing abundance (1Pet 1:2)!

Our vision statement for 2016 includes missions trips.  At the time we wrote it we didn’t know what God had planned, but we believed for them, so God gave them to us!  So far we have three missions trips on the Kingdom Promoters calendar (www.KingdomPromoters.org/events.html).  Now we are offering you the opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God by funding these missions and ministry trips.

In August we are headed to Durban, South Africa.  We will be participating in a prophetic conference there and furthering the Good News!  We will also be supporting orphanages and helping to relieve economic burdens in squatters’ camps, while introducing them to Jesus.  September brings us to a women’s conference in the West Indies.  Although we don’t know for sure what is on that agenda, we will be participating in other ministry opportunities and outreaches that arise there.  We are also praying about another missions trip later in the year to Thailand.

Kingdom Promoters has an immediate need for CASH FOR MISSIONS.   We need your help to invest in the Kingdom!  These missions trips require over $5,000 for airline tickets and hotels, and we must book the tickets right away.  Darryl and I are already personally investing in the Kingdom by investing in these missions trips ourselves.  In order to be good stewards of Kingdom resources, airline tickets must be booked in advance to receive the very best airfares.

The amount required to invest right now to book tickets is $2,500.    That is only 25 people investing $100 each into the Kingdom of God…25 people that will receive a multiplied return on their investments!  The remainder of the airline tickets expense can be funded in the next 30-days.

One person can fund the entire amount — $5,300 – or 53 people can unite to invest together for a multiplied return!  Your investment is 100% deductible on your income taxes.

We want to bless you in return for funding these Kingdom Promoters missions trips!  For each $100 of your kingdom investment, you will receive your choice of any necklace we have in stock!  Invest $100, receive one necklace.  Invest $5,300 and receive 53 necklaces!

Don’t want necklaces?  Get books instead!  You can have ANY of my FIVE titles, one for each $100 investment!  Invest $500 and receive a full set of books along with a FREE workbook!

If you cannot invest $100, please invest whatever you can into these Kingdom ministry trips!  I have attached pictures of some of our Sterling Silver and Platinum Plated necklaces (visit http://www.KingdomPromoters.org/jewelry.html for full details and to order).  For only $8 each or 2/$15 including postage I will mail your choice of any necklace in these pictures.  That is $5 off each!  I am also making available ANY of my FIVE BOOKS for $8 each or 2/$15 including postage.  They will ship out the very next day.

We appreciate all investments into Kingdom business!  You may also donate above the cost of any item to help support these missions trips in 2016.  Please click here to donate:  http://www.PayPal.me/EdieB .  This is a “shortlink” to donate to Kingdom Promoters.

Please consider partnering with us on a monthly basis.  Kingdom Promoters is a traveling prophetic ministry.  We minister to new ministers by helping them get up and running!  We help teach people around the globe how to write, publish and sell the book that God has put in them!  We support other ministries and we donate time and money to missions work – for the Glory of God!

Thank you so very, very much for sowing into Kingdom Promoters.

Blessings and Abundance in 2016 and beyond!

With much love,

Edie Bayer




Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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