A Prophetic Word for the Nation

thermometerThe Son is shining brightly on the sons of Man.  That which has been hidden is being revealed.  That which has been in darkness is coming to light.  Riches in hidden places are being revealed.  Treasures are being exposed.  One by one the faithless ones are leaving until all that is left is my remnant.

Check it and see, says the Lord; take the external temperature** which is an indicator of the internal temperature.  Those who have grown cold are pulling away from those that are heating up.  There is no middle ground.  Heat cannot have anything to do with cold as light cannot mix with darkness.

I am coming from above – I am already here.  I am coming on the clouds and I am in the rains.  I am coming soon!  Be prepared.

Teachers teach.  Leaders lead.    Prophets prophesy, but will the Faithful actually have faith?  Will you BE FAITH in this hour?  Will you be faith for those that believe and those that do not?  I am calling my faithful ones to their knees in this hour to BE FAITH for those that cannot or do not yet have it.

You are one such one.  Will you answer this call?  Will you fall to your knees in thanksgiving to the One who gave it all?  Will you let faith arise in you, cascade out of you and pour out over those around you?

Arise, faithful ones!  Arise with the hope of THE FAITHFUL ONE under His wings.  He has arisen – and it is NOW TIME for you to arise, as well.

**At the time of the writing of this Word it is 59 degrees outside in Houston – chilly for May.

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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