You’re in a Pile of Provision!


You’re in a Pile of Provision!


I was doing the laundry when I felt impressed of God to get on my knees and get into His presence.  Holding the laundry basket in my hands, I said, “NOW, Lord?”  He responded, “Yes, NOW.”  I set the basket down right where I was standing, just outside the doorway of my utility room and laid face down on the tile.  I was there for a few moments with no images in my mind … nothing was coming to me, no images and no thoughts.  So I asked the Lord, “Lord, what do you want me to see?”

In my mind, I started reaching for the heavenlies, to start to pull down what we need into the earth realm.  Just then I saw a bright orange-red color cloth that was waving, a flag maybe, or curtains with what looked like an outline of a cross from the renaissance era.  I strained to see it more clearly and JUST LIKE THAT – whoosh! – it was right in front of my face!  In a nano-second I could see every detail so clearly.  It was an orange-red velvet tapestry, still waving in a gentle breeze.  Embroidered upon it was definitely a large, relic cross in gold and black.  The outline of the cross was in bold gold embroidery and the interior of the cross was black with small, gold cross-stitching in it.  It was lovely.

The Lord moved the tapestry back away from me so I could see again.  From a third-person perspective high in the air I could see the other side of the room.   It was also clad in the same orange-red velvet tapestry.  Beyond these walls I could see nothing, just darkness.  Lining the walls of this red-velvet room on a single shelf starting at the entryway were stacks of coins of different heights and sizes.  As my spiritual eyes traveled along the shelf, I saw a large golden vase, some gems and then more stacks of coins.  I also noticed there was more under the shelf, piled up from the floor to the bottom of the shelf and tumbling outward onto the floor.  There was quite a bit in there, however, it wasn’t scattered all over the place.  It was orderly and beautiful and felt very rich.

All of a sudden I had a “knowing” that this was the treasure room!  I felt in my spirit that each of the coins was symbolic for a soul —  a person that I had helped bring to the Kingdom!   Riches in glory!

Not just a “watcher” in this vision any longer but now also a participant, I saw a King clad in armor with a golden crown on His head.  Simultaneously I stood before Him, as well as watching from somewhere high across the room.  He held His sword in his right hand, and pointed it at my chest, talking to me and touching His sword to my body.  Swiftly the sword entered me and slid down the front of my torso, splitting me open!  There was no pain and no blood and just as swiftly there came a torrent of jewels and coins from somewhere in front of the “split” me from high across the room.  I likened it to a dump truck dumping heavenly resources on me!   As my insides filled up, the resources spilled out and piled up around me and then on me, covering me until only my head was exposed!   I was up to my neck in a pile of provision!

When the torrent stopped, the King said to me, “Now you have your provision.  Now you can go home.”

I wept because I didn’t WANT to go home!  I wanted to stay with Him, and told Him so!  He laughed and pulled me out of the pile, and held me as a small child for a moment.  Then He repeated Himself, “It’s time for you to go home.  Now go.”

As I pulled myself out of this vision, with tears on my cheeks, I slowly got up from the floor.  For the next little while I marinated on the symbols that the Lord had used.  I felt impressed to write it all down, because just before this encounter I had asked Him for more provision for HIS MINISTRY.

You see, Kingdom Promoters is HIS ministry.  It’s not mine, and since it’s His, He has to provide for it.  So I stood earlier today in my bathroom, declaring and believing the words I spoke — that He would provide finances for His ministry.  I felt light as a feather then, relieved really, and moved on to do laundry.  That is when God gave me a vision for the provision.

The symbols are, obviously, jewels and gems, which symbolize His provision for us, but potentially could also stand for “riches in Glory (Phil. 4:19)” and “storing up treasures in heaven (Matt. 6:20)”.   I even felt as though the coins stood for those that I had led to the Lord over time, perhaps this is the process of storing up treasures in heaven.  It could also stand for revelation and wisdom that I have received from on-high, gifts stored up inside of me but fully accessible from this stockpile in heaven;

The sword, which is the Word of God (Eph. 6:17);

The cross, which he showed me in amazing detail, in gold and black right down to the “cross-stitching” – Gold is revelation and salvation and black can mean wealth (i.e., black Friday, being ‘in the black’) but it means godly wealth – the cross had “cross-stitching” on it!   I believe it’s time for the transfer of wealth, and God’s hand will be all over it!  He will give us the revelation that we need, when we need it (“Now, Lord?” “Yes, Now!”) ,  IF we are only obedient enough to put our laundry baskets down when He asks.

The red velvet curtains, the “walls” of the treasure room, symbolizing my covenant with Him, my boundaries, moving to the breeze of the Holy Spirit;

The single shelf – this to me means that there is still room for more in the future, as there was nothing above this shelf, however, there were piles below it;

The piles under the shelf of provision which stand for his provision in the past;

Splitting me open, only to fill me up to overflowing (Luke 6:38) with his provision – in the Old Testament the sacrifices were split in two before they were sacrificed to God:  And he (Abram) brought Him all these and cut them down the middle [into halves] and laid each half opposite the other; but the birds he did not divide (Gen. 15:10 AMPC).”

God has to empty us out before He can fill us up, Amen?  Before He can give you anything he has to get you to put down what you are already holding!  In a vision at church yesterday the Lord told me to open my hands palm up.  He put a solid gold barbell in each one.  At first I didn’t get it, but then He said, “Aren’t you glad you opened your hands?”  If each barbell was only 5-pounds, that’s a LOT of Gold!!  If I hadn’t opened my hands when He asked me to, He couldn’t fill them!


Whether it’s actual earth-realm wealth or heavenly revelation which equates to and leads to wealth – either way is fine with me!  And I suspect for you, too!  I feel as though this vision will speak to a number of people on many, many levels.  I believe that we are ALL that person that has been split by the Sword of the Spirit, that we have cut a covenant with the Father, and that it is His duty to provide for His children – which He willingly does, since it’s His Will!

He wants us to see ourselves in a pile of provision! 

I believe that the dump-truckloads of goodness that are being poured out on us, burying us in a pile of provision up to our collective necks is happening right now!  I believe that our declaration today, as a company of prophets, evangelists, preachers, teachers, apostles and human beings should be,

“YES LORD!  You are my Provider!”

Just say YES!  Whatever it is!  Whatever it takes!  No matter how inconvenient, no matter how costly.  Our declaration needs to be YES, LORD!  You are my Provider!  Whatever you want!  Wherever you want!  Whatever it takes!  It’s YOUR ministry!  It’s YOUR life!  It’s YOUR family and those are YOUR CHILDREN!  It’s YOUR marriage!  It’s YOURS!  You provide for it and for me!  YES LORD!

Now, aren’t you glad you opened your hands?

Edie Bayer


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Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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