Your words are the paint on the canvas of your life!

DCF 1.0I was praying over the ministry vision statement this morning in my computer word processing program.  As I slowly scrolled down the page praying over each item, I found myself at the bottom of the page and scrolled onto the next.  To my surprise, it was totally blank.  I was so engrossed in the declaring of the vision that I didn’t realize I had come to the end of the document, subsequently moving onto the next page.  It was blank.

I felt in my spirit that it was the future, waiting to be written.

Of course, then the enemy lied to me, saying I had deleted some stuff.  Wasn’t there something on that page before?  After rebuking him, I declared that it was the future, a blank canvas onto which I will spread the paint of my words.

I have heard it said that colors have frequencies and that means the opposite is also true – that the frequencies of your words create color.  Your words color your world.

Most colors as symbols have several descriptors associated with them.  That means that whatever you say, positive or negative, you are speaking in color.

RED = PASSION, Anger or the Blood of Jesus.  Do you “see red”?  That means you are angry.  Passion also is associated with the color red, and of course it also stands for the blood of Jesus.  Are you painting a picture of the life of Christ?

Yellow = COURAGE, friendship, a gift.  A cowboy in an old spaghetti western would call you a “yellow-bellied sap-sucker”, meaning you are a coward.  Conversely, it also can mean you are brave!  Are you offering your friendship?  Are you generous and giving of your time and resources?

Blue = HOLY SPIRIT.  Blue is associated with the color of water and the color of the sky, thus Holy Spirit is associated with the color blue.  Powder blue can mean the color of flesh and selfishness.  Is there a lot of blue on your canvas?  What shade is it?

Black = DEATH, Negativity.  Legalism (i.e., Black and White)  Enough said!  Under certain sets of circumstances it can also mean prosperity, i.e., being “in the black”.  However, having a “dark cloud over your head” is the end result of speaking negatively.  Speak life!

White = PURITY, chastity, cleanliness.  “Pure as the driven snow” is a great phrase for this color.  All through the Bible we see parables that use white as a symbol of purity;  linen is also a symbol of purity and is white.  Jesus is light, you are salt and light He said, a lamp that cannot be hidden under a bushel basket.

Pink = COVENANT or the watering down of the Word.  Speaking in covenant terms and upholding the covenant of God is coloring your world pink.  In Ezekiel 36:26 God promises to give His people a new heart, a heart of (pink) flesh and take away their heart of stone.   This is His covenant with His people.  It is also true if you compromise the Gospel.  If you water down the Blood, it’s no longer blood red, it’s another color – pink!

God can see the difference in the frequencies of these colors, positive and negative.  He alone knows and can see the totality of your life’s work!

The next time you open your mouth, think of the words that are coming out as different tubes of acrylic paints that you are squeezing out onto your tongue, the paintbrush of your life!  What are you painting on your canvas?  What would you LIKE to see there?   If what you are painting is not what you would like to see, the solution is simple — change colors!

Edie Bayer



Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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