How to Hear the Voice of God

bullhornMany times people ask me HOW to hear the voice of God.  It seems as though it should be simple, shouldn’t it?

Well, even though the Bible says that it is the “still, small, voice” in 1Kings 19:12 that we are listening for, lots of times there are MANY voices that are vying for our attention.  Which one is God?

That is a great question!  There is a very simple process by which YOU will be able to hear clearly from God.  Following these simple steps you will learn how to hear the voice of God, to discern it from any and all other input, and to confidently know that you have heard the voice of the Lord.

There is a book that taught me how to hear God’s voice clearly.  It’s called “Ruined for the Ordinary”, by Joy Dawson.  In it she says we all have multiple “voices” in our head – the voice of SELF, the voice of the ENEMY, and the voice of GOD.  Kim Clement says we also hear the voice of OTHERS (telling us what to do) as a potential fourth voice.

So, in her book, Joy Dawson says to silence ALL the voices except the voice of God.  Remember in the Bible where Jesus MUTED  the demons?  The Amplified Bible says He “GAGGED” them, in Mark 1:25 and again in Luke 4:35.  That’s what you want to do, VERBALLY, out loud – command them to be silent, and they will be.  They MUST.
So, here are the corresponding steps that you should take, making all these statements verbally, out loud (not necessarily yelling, although if it makes you feel better, have at it!):
1.  Silence the voice of SELF – say, “In the Name of Jesus, I silence the voice of SELF.”   This works ALL the time, incidentally.  If you are having a challenge fighting your flesh, use this method!  It will give you victory!
2.  GAG the voice of the enemy and all his minions.  Resist the devil and he must flee, so out loud, confirm that you submit to God and you resist the devil, and mute his voice.  Say, “In the Name of Jesus, I submit to my Heavenly Father.  Lord, in the Name of Jesus, Your Word says to submit to You, resist the devil, and he must flee.  So according to James 4:7, I submit to You, I resist the devil and he must flee.  Now, FLEE, devil!  Go and take your minions with you!  I GAG you and all your demons and command you to be muted, in Jesus’ Name.”
3.  Silence the voice of any others who are telling you what to do the same way, verbally command all other voices to be silent. – “In the Name of Jesus, I command all other voices to be silenced NOW.  I mute you, I gag you and I silence you now, in Jesus’ Name.”
The only voice left is the voice of God.  So, ask Him whatever you wish.  He will respond, I promise!
Edie Bayer

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

One thought on “How to Hear the Voice of God”

  1. How excellent and simple, your teaching on gagging all voices except God. Can’t wait to grow in this. Warren, South Carolina, USA

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