Jehovah Sneaky is on the job!

chapelsignHad an interesting experience today. Darryl and I went to the hospital to visit someone. We couldn’t get into Darryl’s friend’s room (he was otherwise obligated) so we left. On our way in I had seen the sign for the chapel, but never having seen a hospital chapel before, I wanted to see it on the way out.  We walked inside, and a woman followed closely behind.

We walked around for a moment, just looking around.  It looked like a small healing room to me.  The lady that followed us in  signed into the “prayer register”, went and sat down, and we signed in behind her.  I had an overwhelming urge to go and pray for her, so I asked her if it was appropriate for me to pray for her.  She broke down immediately, sobbing from her very core.  I could only hold her, I couldn’t stop her sobs.

I felt as though it was her child, and I asked, “Is it your baby?”  She related, once she could speak, that she had given birth to her child 2-months prematurely because she had high blood pressure.  She didn’t know she was sick.  I started to pray for her, and I felt that she was under intense guilt and self-condemnation, as if it were her fault that the baby was born prematurely.  I stated this to her, and said, “Don’t let the enemy tell you that it was your fault!  Don’t carry that ‘False Responsibility’!”

She said that her boyfriend HAD, in fact, pointed his finger at her and told her it was her fault that the baby was born a preemie.  This kind of condemnation and guilt laid on her by her boyfriend could be life altering, potentially destructive, or even lethal.

So, I prayed with her for a while and gave her a box of Kleenex. She asked me for a hug, which I gladly gave her, a great big, Daddy-God hug.  I told her that God sent me there to pray for her, and that He wanted her to feel His arms around her.  He knew that she needed to feel a touch from Him, feel His love.  She just wept and wept.  A little while later Darryl and I left.

Driving home, I thought how marvelous is our God?  He sent us all the way to the Woodlands for pray for this precious mother, under the guise of visiting another friend in the hospital!

Jehovah Sneaky is on the job.  He is moving and shaking already in this new year.  Make no mistake.  — Edie


Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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