Get out of Safe Mode!

safemodeRecently I was ministering in San Marcos, Texas when my cell phone started to act up.  It went into Safe Mode.  Now, first of all, I didn’t even know that cell phones have safe mode!  I have no idea what caused it, and yet, there it was – my cell phone was in safe mode and it was almost inoperable.

Most of us are familiar with safe mode on computers – it allows us to start up the computer but runs only the most basic programs … just the bare-bone essentials.  Well, just like a PC, most of my apps were not functional  that day and I didn’t have access to the apps that I needed.  It was very frustrating.

Since I was busy ministering most of that day, I didn’t have time to research for a solution.  Eventually, I realized that I could still go online on my phone.  I still had internet access so I could look up a solution there to figure out how to get my phone out of safe mode.

I found the answer to my problem very quickly – REBOOT.  It was incredibly simple, and hadn’t occurred to me before.  To fix my problem and get it out of safe mode all I had to do was shut my phone off and turn it back on.  However, the instructions that I received online said to leave the phone off for five-seconds before I turned it back on.

Sure enough, I turned my phone off according to the instructions, left it off for five-seconds and turned it back on.  Suddenly, I had full access to all of my apps and programs and the phone was completely operational once more.

When I saw that I had to leave the phone off for five-seconds, I knew God was speaking through my cell phone, because five is the number of grace!  I believe that He was speaking to all of us at that moment.   I believe that God wants us to have FULL ACCESS to all of His apps (plans) and programs (purposes)!         I believe that He would have all of us REBOOT to become fully and completely operational and live – REALLY LIVE — according to His design!

The First Step – Go Online!

The first step to Reboot is to go online – go to God!  Pray!  He has all the instructions!  He has the solution to every problem!  Ask Him how to reboot your system.  He knows how to get you out of Safe Mode and into His plans and purposes for your life.  Don’t forget … you don’t have FULL ACCESS to all His apps until you reboot!

Obedience – Reboot

I have found that sometimes we are our own greatest enemy!  We can sometimes block our own blessings and be obstacles to our own success.  As I was ministering over the weekend, the Lord had me bring people through an exercise in obedience to get out of their own way and reboot in this area.

It’s a very simple process, since we all know the power of our words.  The Bible says plainly in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28, v. 23 that if we disobey the Lord, “…the heavens over your head shall be bronze, and the earth under you shall be iron.”

We need open heavens and soft, tillable earth!  So, let’s reboot into obedience!  Say this simple prayer with me now:

“I love the Lord because He hears my voice (Ps. 116:1)!  In the Name of Jesus, I decree I choose to obey the Lord.  I will listen for the voice of God and obey Him.  I will do as God tells me to do.  I will only do as I see my Father doing!  I will only say what I hear my Father saying!  I will obey the Lord from this day forward!  I will get out of my own way and let God have His way! (Jn. 5:19, Jn. 8:28, Jn. 12:49, Ps. 18:30)”

Sanctify – Reboot

Sanctification has been really heavy on my heart for a while now.  I believe that the problem that most of us have is not that we are pagans.  It is that we are not pure, chaste and pious.  We love the Lord, yet we tell white lies, we exaggerate, we gossip, we back bite – in essence, we destroy with our mouths.  We steal destinies with the words of our lips as we curse others – in heavy traffic, at the grocery store, at school and even at church!

We need to reboot in this area.  We need to shut it down completely (close our mouths), wait (grace), and start back up again (reboot) to have full access to our own destinies.

Here is a simple prayer to reboot in this area:

“Father, I repent for the words of my mouth!  I repent and I rescind those curses that I have spoken over myself, my family and other people.   I call those words back in and I cut off their effect from my life and the lives of those that I cursed.  I will repay evil with good from now on.  No more will blessing and cursing come out of my mouth, but blessings alone.   I bless those who curse me.  I bless others with my tongue.  I will enjoy the fruit of my tongue from this day forward!  (Rom. 12:14, 1 Pet. 3:9, Prov. 13:2, 18:21)”

These are just two of many areas in which the Lord may lead you to reboot.  Go Online!  Ask God what He would have you do to experience the fullness of His plans and purposes for your life!  He wants you to have full access, to be completely operational, out of Safe Mode and living on the edge for Jesus!

Edie Bayer






Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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