The book is opening! Your Reward Awaits You!

Esther 6:1 says that the King could not sleep and opened the book of memorable deeds. In this particular book was found to be a record of unrewarded virtue, something that had been done that had gone seemingly unnoticed – and yet was recorded on the pages of the annals of history!

There IS such a book in Heaven!! We know that God NEVER sleeps and NEVER slumbers for Psalm 121 tells us so.

God is the King who rewards the diligent! We as a body have shifted into a time of reward for the diligence of the past months and years of virtuous service to the King.  Your reward awaits you!

Have you done something for the King that has not YET been rewarded? Seeds sown and no harvest — YET?  Days, weeks or years praying for the lost or loved ones with no apparent change?  Churches that just don’t seem to grow no matter WHAT you do?

Fret not, Saints of God, the Remnant! It is our season!  Your time is NOW!

Jesus said that as long as the earth remains there would be seedtime and harvest. As you have sown, God has taken note of it and recorded it in His book in Heaven, the Lamb’s book of LIFE (and Life more abundantly!!)  Your harvest is here!  He has NOT forgotten you!  He has caught every tear in a bottle (Ps. 56:8).

Here’s the Good News! In Esther 6:3 (Amp.), the King asks, “What honor or distinction has been given Mordecai for this?”  You see, up until that moment in time it was just words on a page, just ink blots, little black and red ants, words on the pages of a book.  Up until the King moves on your behalf, until He speaks, nothing happens.  However, God hasn’t forgotten you!  He can’t — He has it written down!  As God speaks, the words come to life and manifest in THIS REALM!

God is NOW speaking! It is our NOW SEASON for reward!

The next thing the King says will blow your mind! He asks in verse 4, “Who is in the court?”  The VERY NEXT WORD IS “NOW”!  God will use anybody and anything to bless and reward you, even the enemy, Right NOW!!  The Bible says in verse 4, “NOW Haman had just come into the outer court…”  He had actually come to ASK the King if he could harm Mordecai…BUT GOD!!!  God has other things in mind for you!  The enemy may want to harm you, but God wants to bless you, NOW!  It is His good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, and He aims to please!  The King of Kings will use absolutely anything and everything available to bless you, even if the enemy shows up, God will use him to reward you NOW!

It’s TIME FOR THE NEWEST ADDITION! Have you felt as though you have been in great pain, labor pains, like you cannot or don’t want to go on?  You were birthing, but NOW the birth has happened!  The baby has arrived!  God is adding unto us in a big way right now, for this next season that we have walked into, the NEXT great move of the Harvest of Souls!

He is rewarding us with HIMSELF! Jesus said, Seek FIRST the Kingdom and all these other things will be added unto you.   God is NOW transferring His Kingdom secrets to us, rewarding us for years and years of diligent service to His Kingdom!  God is presenting our destinies and unfolding our scrolls for all to see NOW!

YOUR DESTINY MAY NOT LOOK LIKE YOU THINK! But it will be better than ANYTHING you could ever dream up, because God will give us more than we can ask, think or imagine!

So, Saints of God, the Remnant – Rejoice and breathe easy because the Father is NOW opening His hands of blessing, releasing all those things that you have been asking for, and even more! He will even be releasing things to you for which you never even thought to ask!  It’s OUR NOW SEASON!

Edie Bayer

Kingdom Promoters

Hello! I am Joan Hunter’s executive assistant.  I spoke recently at “Women on the Front Lines” 1st ever regional meeting at Joan Hunter Ministries in Tomball Texas.  I have written three books, “Spiritual Espionage, Going Undercover for the Kingdom of God”, “Power Thieves – 7 Spirits that Steal Your Power and How to Get it Back!”, and “Spiritual Lightning Rods, Connected to the Father of Lights” all available at our ministry website,  My husband Darryl Bayer and I travel and minister together.  He is the Artistic Director for the Woodlands Symphony Orchestra.

Please let me know if you need us to come speak. I am excited and humbled to present this prophetic word to you.  I hope you enjoy it!

Author: Edie Bayer

Author, Prophet, Daughter of the Most High. I am a Kingdom Promoter.

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